10 point formula for losing weight

“Hustle for that Muscle” is a key to start working on the project that is “YOU”. A research carried out back in 2014 tells that more than 2 in 3 adults (70.2 percent) were considered to be overweight or have obesity.

There are numerous books, articles, tips to deal with obesity. A lot of research being carried on every other day and a huge pile of articles containing authentic techniques to slim out are available. People end up investing time at nutritionists helping them in every possible way. But the fact is that everything is not workable for everyone.

Being a unique human being, everyone needs a slightly different solution to seemingly similar issues. Slimming out is not an ordinary goal to achieve in the short term but a complicated set of actions needed to be taken with conviction. Here are few tips to work out with patience to dig out 20-30 back of smarty YOU beneath the thick layers of self accumulated FAT.

Healthy Hour

A happy hour is mandatory in a hectic day, why not to replace it with a healthy hour. Rather than sitting next to the TV and switching between channels, get up and walk your way to the nearest jogging track. It will keep you walking on the path of life.

Water is Life

Life originated from water and it remains floating on water. Increase the intake of water as it will keep you lightweight. It is free of cost solutions to many health problems. Keeping your body hydrated will help you with an improved digestive system.

Burn it Off

Else than sulking and frowning your mind for not having six-packs and mirror breaking fitness, burn those fats, bone of convention yeah?

Keep it less Sugary

Keep a room for your dessert for sure, but don’t go all your way to the cake shop to buy a 2-pound cheesecake for your post-dinner sugar craving.

Fast is Junk

Fast food is trending, agreed! But eating it by keeping your health at stake does not make sense. Replace that hamburger with a bean salad. Avoid the FAST bound to SLOWING you on track of life.

Keep it Natural

No supplement and steroid going to do it for you. Good things are moody enough to come slowly. Stick to changes in routine and make them your matters of pride.


Make sure that you never miss your breakfast. Staying hungry won’t make you smart but weak for sure. Need not to be angry with food but just be a little bit selective not to the dictation of your taste buds but to the whole relief of your other body systems that are prone to protesting much later but then are rigid to stick to their protest.

Changing Routine

Its time to swap the pantry items. Replace cheese with corn, Milk with fresh juice, and chocolate with nuts. It’s all about a week and you will make your way of mending taste. The taste buds in your body are the easiest thing to tame if you have decided to.

Change Habits

Smoking and daily intake of alcohol or caffeine is a slow poisoning. It’s not just about extra fats and calories, its about the maintenance of every single organ. Healthy kidneys, lungs, and stomach will make up the way for your fitness.

Rest is Best

Breathe in, sit back, and let’s see what the fortune brings for you. Stress and staying up all night with random scary and haunting thoughts for being incompetent, those unpaid bills and hopeless future won’t change the circumstances. A positive mind can and don’t forget a healthy body have a healthy mind.

Urza Omar
  • Urza Omar
  • The writer has a proven track as a mentor, motivational trainer, blogger, and social activist. She is the founder of mindclassic.com a blog intended for avid readers.