Amazon Reigns Google Searches

​From the first online books retailer Amazon grew into a huge online empire covering retail to IT solutions and much more. It has created a global buyers network through its successful affiliate program. People from all over the globe from different countries and cultural backgrounds work as affiliate marketers with Amazon. That is why Amazon reigns google searches.

The First Page Appearance

Undoubtedly has become the first choice for US consumers searching for products for online buying. A study shows the way Amazon is attracting prospective buyers searching for products on google. The tactics used are making it possible to capture more space on the first page of google search in organic search. is dominating google searches using a variety of tools like organic searches, ad words, product keywords, etc.

​Search Results – First-page Dominance

Even being on top in search it has other organic occurrences on the first page. In about half of the search cases, the results on the first page have more than one result for amazon. It has at least one product image in 95% of searches whereas google searches include images in search results. There is one product image in 95 percent of the image boxes shown for searches where it ranked top in Google search results with images.

Amazon is also aggressively using Google Ad Words and Google Shopping Ads, which are surely a paid phenomenon. It is a very effective way to show products in search results. It means that Amazon’s paid product advertising on Google is competing with organic keyword searches. Amazon’s appearance in the Google shopping box is about 31% of the analysis of the keyword which seems to be a very well-placed position to attract customer clicks.

​Relevance to Retailers

How it is related to retailers is a question worth asking. Amazon is increasing its visibility by dominating the Google search result at the cost of retailers. The retailers however still have options to compete.


The percentage of videos in carousels in organic searches is about 34.5%, where Amazon has a top organic search position. No video content however is provided by Amazon itself. Most of the video results come from YouTube which is owned by Google. It means that it is a Grey area where retailers can play better by putting their own product videos to get a place in top organic searches. It is surely a place where retailers can fairly compete with Amazon.


The appearance of images is about 44% whereas Amazon is on top in organic searches. These image boxes show multiple images. The analysis shows that there are normally 11.8 images in a box. The percentage of Amazon-provided images is about 23.4 percent. It is almost a quarter of all images. The remaining three-quarters of the space is available for retailers to use. What to do is choose the best quality SEO-optimized images with relevant keywords and appropriate alt tags.


There is an undeclared battle between Amazon and Google for attracting consumers to start shopping. Amazon has a very big product portfolio. It is a clear advantage to capture a large chunk of organic search results on the First page of a Google search. This is a challenge for other retailers and online businesses to make them visible. It is a threat but not an end. There is room to compete for which the competitors need to become more tech-savvy.

Photo by Adrian Sulyok on Unsplash

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