10 Ways to avert breast cancer

While there’s life, there’s hope


Breast cancer is rightly a horrifying word for a woman. Once diagnosed the only option is to treat it from an expert doctor. It has now been proved that it can be averted up to some extent by taking caring measures to avoid things that cause it in the first place. Following general steps can lower the risk.

Weight Control

Being overweight is a signal to many ailments including breast cancer, especially after menopause. Keeping your weight within BMI (Body Mass Index) is the safest way to avoid the disease. Little changes in lifestyle can keep you lighter weighted.

LifeStyle Simplicity

Leading an active life is servicing the complex machine called your body. Sweating 20-30 minutes a day is like oiling it. It keeps your body systems working at optimum,  reducing the risk of breast cancer in women like many other health issues. 

Using Fruits & Vegetables

Healthy food is a sure barrier to breast cancer. Increasing vitamin and fiber-rich diets like fruits and veggies can keep your body clean of storing unwanted toxins.

Quit drinking & smoking

“Smoking is injurious to health” is just not a warning to write on cigarette pack but a truth that can save your health and money if you really can believe in. Smoking is the cause of at least 15 cancers including breast cancer. Similarly, drinking is also a habit having no considerable positive point but a plethora of damaging effects.


Hi Moms, try to understand the design of nature. Your cute baby needs enviable health. Give his/her due share of pure natural early feeding that he/she fully deserves. Breastfeeding keeps your breast veins open and body cells working to provide safety against the risk of breast cancer.

 Avoid Birth Control Medication

“Go on the wrong track and lose your destination.” Birth control medication has severe side effects that can damage your health. There are other natural measures to manage delay between babies and to avoid pregnancy in the first place.

Don’t take Post-Menopausal Hormones

Post-menopausal hormones could be strictly avoided under an exception to doctor’s advice. These hormones decrease the risk of some diseases but increase the risk for many others. Studies show that estrogen hormones and estrogen-plus-progestin hormones increase the risk of breast cancer.

Preventive Medication.

There are now medicines that can reduce the risk of blood cancer. Need not to mention any of it as should not be taken without Doctor’s prescription. The best person to guide in this regard is your cancer consultant alone.


Surely not prevent cancer but can find it early when it is the most treatable. Mammography is a way to screen in regularity up to the age of 40. After this age, the screening should be in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.

Family History

Like many other inherent diseases, family history is much important in the case of breast cancer. Your mother, sisters, and even male members with cancer history pose threat.

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