Clog the Smog – Protect Yourself

Play foul with Mother Nature and face the music of a forceful retaliation. Cutting trees without aggressive replacement, fueling industry, and transportation without exercising environmental controls, all are causes of smoke emission, dust, and a noxious mix of air pollutants like nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere. Mixed all his with fog in winter is all that smog simply is. It is an ultimate side effect of unchecked urbanization and free of environmental safety industrial revolution. Clog the smog should be the manifesto for the nations that suffer the most from this self-created crisis.

Crime against Society

Coal-fueled power generation plants are another big contributor to smog and many other health hazards. The whole world has reached a consensus to get rid of it by replacing it with other sources or at least converting it to gas where feasible. But we here in Pakistan are strange people at the top hierarchy, falling into a newly discovered love of coal-fired power generation. The whole junk has been imported at hefty prices because of more hefty hidden kickbacks. The crime against society is that these are even installed in areas where carrying the cost of coal is absolutely not feasible.

It is Dangerous

The high smog levels are a serious threat to public health, causing respiratory problems, irritation of mucus membranes, and depressing the immune system. Particularly it is dangerous for children, pregnant women, and people with respiratory issues. Smog is unavoidable. We can, however, exercise precautions to save ourselves from the effects as best as possible.


The warming in our part of the World has already reduced the winter season from six to about four months now. First thing is to keep track of weather forecasts that are now more accurate due to scientific advancement. Educating your family, friends, and colleagues will literally cost no money or hours of time. Keep a check on an air quality health index in your area.

Restrict Outdoor Exposure

Limit yourselves indoors as much as possible. A little time for indoor aerobics is a good chance for your morning walk. Planning a single weekly trip to the grocery can also work well. Ask your kids to join the Gym for some time instead of going to outdoor games. So is the list for you to reschedule your family’s outdoor activities.

Use of Mask

The mask is a task to take upon. Make sure that everyone in the family is wearing it before stepping out of the home. It can provide whole safety but can help reduce the effect of inhaling much of the pollutants you unknowingly inhale otherwise.

Moisturizing Indoors

Keeping the indoors moisturized is a sure way to reduce the effect on the lungs. It is the dryness that can cause irritation. Air pollution is a major source of dry air. A little steaming could work as a safety valve.

Asthma & Respiratory Issues

If you have asthma or any other known respiratory issues then it is a must for you to carry on your inhalers or any other recommended medicine when going out. Negligence is no excuse for a sure problem. Avoid congestion areas, traffic jams, smoky surroundings, and industrial areas.

Close Windows

Open windows are a sure source of ventilation, giving way to clean air but what to do when the air outside is not clean? Keeping the windows closed will surely help in stopping the smog from penetrating indoors.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water and hot tea is also a known safety measure. Drinking more water can save against possible dehydration whereas hot tea can keep your throat clean.

Protect Your Eyes

Avoid using contact lenses. Rubbing with smoke, dust, and pollution particles will cause increased irritation. Using normal glasses can be much better for the protection of the eyes. Washing your eyes 4-5 times a day with clean fresh water will keep the eyes healthy.

Mother nature is not the enemy of life on earth but the people themselves are. Taking emergency prevented measures without losing time can reset the eco-system before it crosses the line of damage control. The world is surely aware of the gravity of the issue and the matter is already on the agenda of respective international forums. Targeted geoengineering can help achieve the goal with the right planning and rational utilization of resources.

Urza Omar
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