Combat Cancer – Some Caring Tips

A threat can not be ignored

Do you know the worth of a single atom, millisecond, a tiny needle, or a little human cell? Such tiny living or nonliving things usually can’t be observed with the naked eye. We depend on a microscope to spot them out. But the size & structure is always not a point to determine the importance. All ships like titanic are not drowned by the large iceberg. A tiny unseen non-living virus-like corona can play havoc with the whole world taking away the social life, and multi-billion industries like hoteling, tourism, air travel, and what not?

Human body – a wonder in itself.

The human body is a set design composed of tiny particles called cells. A cell in disorder can play the havoc with the magnificent wonder named human body. In nature’s protocol, the old cell keeps on dying, leaving the way for new ones to take place. Sometimes the dead cells refuse to leave the way for new ones rather forming tissue or cluster. This colony of abnormal and dead cells leads to a very chronic disease called cancer.

Living with evil

Once a disease is diagnosed and discovered, the chances of its total eradication remain much lower. The way out however is to learn to live with the danger like many other threats the human life is facing since the times unknown. Whatsoever the causes and reasons but Cancer is a harsh reality of modern lifestyle. We have to accept it and try our best to take up the safety and preventive measures to the best of our knowledge and limitations. In an effort to create awareness among our readers, the following prevention tips are mentioned.

Don’t evaporate life in smoke

It’s just a vague warning on the cigarette pack but smoking actually is a serious threat to health. Men can get breast cancer as they have breast tissues too. Smoking put both men and women prone to cancer attack. It isn’t even healthy for the lungs and mouth. But when it comes to abnormal functioning of cells in the body, smoking is hazardous to health.

It is not genetic

Commonly cancer is not an inherited disease. If any of your immediate family members or blood relations don’t have cancer. It’s absolutely not a reason for you to stay away from taking preventive measures.

Live an active life

Stay highly active and it will make deactivate the unnecessary cells. It includes 30 minutes of daily exercise plus keeping your body mass according to the requirement of your age. Try not being overweight, schedule your diets, and eat portions instead of overeating at 2 or three meals. 

Nutrition is key to health

Lower the consumption of sugary and canned foods. Fats can cause obesity so switch to fish or foods with low carbohydrates. Vitamin and fiber-based foods are the keys to rich health. Add vegetables to your menu. Proteins and vitamins can help a lot in meeting nutrition requirements as well as keeping you smart.

Check up

Don’t leave any abnormal or unusual change in body unattended. Maintain a record of your medical checkup. Consider fever and fatigue seriously and take this problem to your physician if it lasts longer after first aid. Keep track of your hemoglobin, glucose cholesterol, etc. You are the priority; don’t get overstressed and never overload your mind with work. Nothing going to heal your lost health other than regular care, medication, and workout.

Follow the thumb rule of good health

Sweat today and rest tomorrow.

  • Urza Omar
  • The writer is a freelance blogger, content, copywriter, and an accredited motivational speaker and trainer.