Depression – An Active Way Out

Depression – What is it?

Differentiating between sadness and depression is easier. Sadness occurs because of apparent reasons and can be dealt with a hangout, movie, or chit-chat with your beloved ones but depression comes when we become unable to settle the mess around. Well, it is completely okay! Other than anti-depressant and motivational talk a little sweating and morning aerobics can do magic for your depression.

Why Exercise?

Poor performance or malfunctioning of the device means that there is something wrong somewhere. Just take the example of a computer or for that matter any of your digital devices. Using an antivirus to debug a corrupt entrance in the system or malware for threats, are important to ensure protection. Similarly, the human body requires a few protective shields to cure a physical, mental, or emotional disorder or a malfunction.


Breathe in the fresh air and breath out polluted thoughts. Stay easy with your messed up life. Money and work alone, not gonna take care of your health. Your body surely will! Help your immunity in getting stronger. Meditation is not for adults alone but is equally beneficial for kids.


Running is proven to be helpful in regulating a smooth and healthy cardiac system. Let us pay hearty attention to heart matters. Basically, you have to open it up for the challenge in life, Pumping blood is just another function it performs. Normal blood flow will result in maintaining blood pressure levels.

Depression causes blood pressure levels to shoot or decrease which is fatal for health. Run on a track to keep your life on a healthy track. The other choice could be a path to a cardiology clinic, where no one surely prefers being in all senses.

Make Stretching Fun

You felt totally exhausted when you are 4 years old and asked to assist him in a badminton game or to Coplay the basketball? We all felt the same when it came to stretching our bodies. Mainly the reason is poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles. Let’s turn it around. Consider that play hour as a substitute to exercise. Trust me, it will reduce your stress and help you cope with depression.

Gardening, setting an evening tea table, and playing around with your kids will divert your attention from the dark sides of life. Frowning and sulking over things failing plans and fear of the future are the things our thoughts get tangled with. Detangle them and let them live today as you only have control over a single day, that is today. Today is the only day at your disposal.

Regret, fear, and uncertainty are the garbage your mind is stuffed with. Just clean out the mess and life is light enough to enjoy in full.

The Brighter Side

Celebrate your existence and analyze how blessed you are. Feeling pity for failure and a sense of lacking causes depression. Competing is fine but setting your goals without rationally analyzing your true potential is a blunder. Take it easy and keep it simple. It’s never too late to bring yourself back to the life you aimed for! Just have a little ease and faith in God. Leave your impossible matters to Him and wait for the surprises you deserve.  

A ringing bell called life is the finest song of Mother Nature. Forget about dying for a moment as it is sure as the song has to end at last. The day-to-day is only to enjoy the rhythm of your breath and the tune of your pulse.

Urza Omar
  • Urza Omar
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