E-Commerce Trends of 2021

Time is changing and the year 2020 was a time of phenomenal changes. The COVID-19 was the name of the game. You name any segment of the economy and for that matter the life as a whole, and you can notice the visible change. Consumer behavior is no exception. The compulsion of social distancing redirected the customer towards e-commerce. Online shopping witnessed a surge as never before.

Consumers are fast adopting online shopping behavior as the unprecedented growth of e-commerce testify it. If the customers can attune themselves to the needs of time why brands and businesses should not? Most of the brands are already aware of the need. They are making necessary arrangements, data management, and automating systems to offer a seamless online shopping experience through their websites as well as mobile apps. 

It is another important frontier for the competition where only the best performer will take the lead. The customer not only needs a product but a safe, seamless, contact-less channel for delivery at home. The year 2021 asks for a clear and straight approach to optimize the customer experience. Following are trends expected to emerge from efforts in this direction:

Touchless Technology

The biggest most trend of 2020 is social distancing. It has been taken as the key to safety and health. Consumers no more willing to roam in shopping malls and stores to buy products. They even avoid visiting markets for window shopping as well. Online buying is bringing new trends like, pick up in-store (BOPIS); reserve online, pick up in-store (ROPIS). These and other similar buying options will keep on trending in 20221. The retailers have to ensure personalized solutions to keep customers coming back. 

Virtual Customer Service

Online shopping needs virtual customer support and guidance. Once the customer visits a store for on-the-counter shopping, the counter staff is there to satisfy his quarries. An online customer still has questions that he need to ask before the selection of a product. A portal-based online chat and virtual help is the reply to satisfy him. Brands and businesses have to provide real-time online call centers, chat apps, and support options available to reply to their customers. They need to heavily invest in touch-less technologies. 

Digital Voice Assistants

Voice technology is ever-growing and making its place across the market. Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) is providing the desired chat functionality. The voice assistants can better engage the customer by giving him a feel of attendance by a real person. Supporting the business databases with voice assistance technology is another trend to prevail through 2021. 

Personalized Suggestions

The technology is making it possible to record and remember customer visits and buying. Personalized suggestions to the customer on every new visit to the website or app can help increase sales. It is much easy to suggest customer what he likes to buy, based on his previous invoices. For some items such as groceries, customers will only like to repeat the whole invoice with just one click. It saves the customer time and increases the sale of the business in friction of the time. The trend of buying new equipment and developing relevant data points is here to stay in 2021. It surely will help the retailers to build customer experiences tailored to individual consumers. It surely will win customer loyalty.


The omnichannel approach helps in offering a unified customer experience. It simply means integrating all available digital channels to work in coordination. The purpose is to serve the customer in techno advanced environment to achieve his total satisfaction. It enables the customer to use options of shopping online from his PC, tablet, or mobile phone or to visit a brick-and-mortar outlet. The year 2021 is expected to witness a new hype in the digital buying experience as it saves time and resources. 

The future is going to change the customer experience. It is a new dawn of ease of shopping. You can shop while at the dining table, in the office, or on the go. The retailers and brands have to find new ways to connect with customers. The competition is going to get tougher and tougher leaving space for only the fittest to survive. 

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