Eid ul Adha – (the Sacrifice Day by Muslims)

(In Heaven they happily meet
talking about the world
where they only were meat)

A Perplexed New Comer

Oh! Here you are, weren’t you at my neighbour’s place the day before?”

Yah! buddy, you guessed it right. How you have been?”

Not even a bit different from you. Same as you. Passing through many hands, the different hosts. I never knew that Qurbani (Animal Sacrifice by Muslims) was worth this ride before I explored the streams full of milk and honey”.

A milk & honey streams? Do you mean abundance of milk & honey flowing in that much huge quantities?

Yes! Of course!!! Do you want to see that?”

Definitely but I couldn’t find my host since I am here”.

Oh, my innocent beauty, Your host has sent you here. You are in heaven now”.

I am a bit confused…. Who will feed us fodder and grass? Who will take us to graze? I just can remember… I was slaughtered there by my host, what was that? Why did it happen? I wonder why aren’t you scared?”.

Why Did It Happen?

Relax! Be cool. We, the Goat, Sheep, Cow, and Camel are meant to be slaughtered. Slaughtered in any way to become the food for humans. But lucky enough are the select few, chosen to be slaughtered for the holy cause of sacrifice called Qurbani in Islamic terms. It is Dhabihah (slaughtering) by the Muslims in the name of the Almighty ALLAH (The Almighty GOD).

The sacrifice is offered by the Muslims in the sweet memory of the GREAT sacrifice by the Prophet Abraham who offered His son Ismail in the name of ALLAH the Almighty. The circle of life has to complete anyway. Each of us, and for that matter, any of the living creatures have an end. Only a few of us are blessed to be chosen for the holy ritual. The blessed ones among us are brought up with a lot of care and sold to people aspiring to perform Qurabi. Now that’s where the twist takes place”

“The new short time hosts are loving, compassionate, and kind enough. Your experience is based on the hospitality you receive. I wish we could choose the people who sacrifice us. Some of us end up standing all day stranded but others often get the whole time attention by the innocent loving kids in the house. I know one who got depressed being left ignored by the careless host but most of them are fine and kind with us.”

The Gloomy Side

Thanks for explaining but I perhaps was not knowing it all because being late in heaven. I realize that I am late because my host there was not a charitable soul. The fact is that after being sacrificed, I was stuffed in the deep freezer, taken out, cooked, and consumed in episodes, spreading over weeks and weeks. So my entry in heaven was put on waiting for the completion of my body parts to be fully consumed by the host, family, and friends. I Would never have been so stressed if he could have distributed my meat among the needy, accelerating the consumption and helping my entry fast in paradise.”

A Walk in the Paradise

So, here you are in heaven now. Have a big heart, Forgive the greedy selfish soul, and please pray to ALLAH for the acceptance of his sacrifice. At last, you are among the privileged ones, chosen for the noble cause. All we can do is pray for humans to realize the true essence of the deed they do with love, respect, and reverence. Be the humans become humane”.

“Let me show you around in heaven. All the best, the possible blesses, the charms one can guess, and everything good beyond the imagination is here. It is the Paradise Lost, the paradise promised. What more you wish, wish for the poor among us and the humans who still are on earth.”

Yes yes yes! When on earth, I always longed for clean water, a safe environment, and comfortable living. A better treatment by humans, not for the sacrifice alone but in all their routine in dealing with us and also of their dealing with fellow humans too.“

Ok! Let us pray for them. Many of them are a nice humble breed. They surely try to listen to others and make them learn, and practice politeness. I pray to ALLAH the Almighty to be merciful for them for all they did to themselves.”

Urza Omar
  • Urza Omar
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