Employee Morale – The Ways to Boost It

Time changes and change sometimes is faster than expected. Crisis triggers from nowhere, like the recent Covid-19. It broke suddenly and engulfed the whole world within a short period. Businesses slowed, profits decreased, and production stopped. Life came to a standstill. Leaders and Managers are upset as to how to handle the chorus. It is time to think, rethink, and search out some novel solutions. Important is to boost employee morale to cope with the crisis.

What to do? and from where to start? ; are the questions worth asking? The textbooks do offer some solutions for crisis management. Engaging employees remains on top of the agenda for best practices of a crisis response. Creating a positive work environment, encouraging employees, and acknowledging and meeting the employees are tools to boost employee morale. Concentrating on the following points can help to manage the crisis.

Employee Empowerment 

Organizations exercise strict control over job descriptions, leaving the employee with limited authority to work independently. Many things go out of control in times of crisis. Leading through turmoil is a test of an innovative leader. It is your time now to trust your subordinates. Empower them to make independent decisions in their work domains. Trust is a responsibility for the man you trust.

Trust subordinates, and they will never let you down. Assign independent tasks to individuals. Let them complete the work and see the results. Guide them humbly where needed but avoid discouraging them. Interacting with every individual enhances employee performance. It will flatten your control hierarchy, but higher employee morale will be a real reward. 

Communication Flow 

A fast, reliable, and transparent communication system is vital to building a star-performer team. Horizontal and vertical communication develops trust among the cadres. Avoid hiding gray areas from the core workforce. Trust alone wins confidence.

Share plans with them. Frequently ask for feedback, that will bring in fresh ideas. Set a regular pattern of communication flow in the shape of concise reports at given intervals. Appreciate the outperformers and those who take initiative for improvements. 

Mental Health Initiatives 

The crisis causes depression, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness that have a direct effect on employee performance. It spreads negativity and uncertainty among the employees. A manager can only boost the morale of his team by creating a positive work environment.

Organizations need to show a caring attitude by taking mental healthcare initiatives. Introducing company-wide consultancy and other healthcare plans serves as a morale booster. Such steps can build their confidence in the organization and strengthen the loyalty bond. 

Direct Interaction

Covid-19 has pushed everyone behind walls. Working from home now is a new buzzword in the business community. The meetings have shrunk to ZOOM, and that too, is restricted to core business issues. Personal interaction and back-office chit-chat are perhaps the first casualties of the crisis.

Let the best practices of bygone days remain intact. Regularly meeting in person with employees works as catharsis. Keep this window open to strengthen your employees emotionally. Ask them about personal issues and help where you can. It shows them that they matter to you as a person. 

Employees First 

Human resources are the most valuable resource of an organization. A clear and loud message must travel down the line across the organization. Make them believe that they are part of an “Employee First” organization. Introducing long-term employee care plans makes the organization a caring brand. It brings unrivaled loyalty from the workers, which boosts their morale and performance

Recognize Performance

The single most vital morale booster factor is recognizing hard work. A transparent system of rewarding performance can create healthy competition. Everyone dreams of standing as a winner. It is a psychological need of every human. All employees struggle to win if they trust in the transparency of a reward system.

It may not be a lucrative one. A small gift, a paid holiday, a fee concession voucher for children, or an additional increment, anything is equally attractive. All your spending will come back in the shape of increased work output. 

Create a Community

The office is a smart, little community in one way or another. People feel happy about coming to the office and enjoying their time there. They need to be well-knitted with other humans beyond their office hours. Family, Friends, and social activities engage them to live a happy life. Developing a culture of belonging across company cadres will attract employees to engage in a community of like-minded people sharing similar values. 

Internal Promotions

Setting up a culture of internal promotions is a tested tool to win employee loyalty. Restrict external hiring only to unavoidable situations. Hire, train, and retain professionals to remain proud of their organization. Inculcate a deep sense of taking up responsibility among them. Hone up their skills through regular career improvement mechanisms like training, seminars, and workshops.  

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  • uhayat
  • The author has rich management exposure in banking, textiles, and teaching in business administration.