Enhancing Productivity through Safety

​​The safety accelerates the efficiency. The strict safety measures send a clear message to employees that the organization is taking their health safety at top priority. Such positive signals make the workers satisfied, putting more energy and dedication to their work. 

​​Developing an EMS (Emergency Medical System)

The advanced mobile and app connectivity has made it possible to develop result-oriented EMS. Considering the following points can help developing an effective EMS. 

Employee Accountability

Ask and train employees to take care of their health issues by performing minor healthcare safety measures at home. They can check and maintain records of temperature, blood pressure, and sugar themselves. 

Employee Health Database  

Introducing an employee health database consisting of required equipment and employee health records having real-time access to employees for making updates. For example, an employee taking his necessary health tests at home must immediately update the central database using the QR code or company app. 

Healthy Work Environment 

Many workers keep touching the surfaces during routine work. The cleaning process is carried out at fixed intervals. The use of touchpoints scanning technologies can issue warnings for the spots needing immediate and pre-schedule cleaning. 

​​A Culture Change Initiative

The culture is not stagnant. It is a vibrant phenomenon, prone to evolve through a process of change. Technology has helped in making fast speed changes in the culture at the organizational level. Such changes are improving the value of human lives. The EMS has been evolved to take better care of employee health. It should not be taken as policing the employees. The EMS is a tool of cultural change, ensuring staff safety. Safety inevitably increases confidence. The employees feel protected at heart and single-mindedly involve in performing their assignments with more zeal. 

​​Winning Employee Trust 

EMS is no doubt, a useful health safety management tool. But this is only one side of the story. It needed to be supplemented with health care packages. Employees need not only the health safety measures but a comprehensive healthcare system to work in emergencies and in case of usual health issues. It could be a mix of financing periodical health checks, consultancy, and hospitalization in case of need. 

​​Transparency of System 

Monitoring employee performance is an integral part of management operations. It should not be used as a fear factor, causing suspicions among the employees. Health safety and healthcare measures must be clearly defined. The transparency must prevail at its fullest level by banning all sorts of exceptions and exemptions. Every step must be clearly defined to everyone. The implementation must strictly be on the “going by the book” basis. A system applied honestly can prove a blessing for the employees, giving them confidence in their organization. 

​​Making Employees an Asset  

Human resources are the most precious resources for every business. Your employees are your assets. Caring for this asset by keeping them satisfied give the company an edge over the competitors. The enhanced productivity of employees reduces the cost in various ways. It saves wastage of time and raw materials and improves efficiency. Winning the hearts by just fulfilling social responsibility is simply the best a business can bargain. 

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Umar Hayat
  • Umar Hayat
  • The author has rich management exposure in banking, textile, and teaching in business administration.