Exercises for Heart Patients

“for a happy heart”

Wise thing is to take care of your health when it is in prime condition. Waiting for things to get worse and starting to restoring normalcy is a bit living in fool’s paradise and that’s perhaps the largest paradise created by man’s imagination.

Heart problem is among the top health issues that are fast becoming “fashion” diseases mainly due to lethargic, lazy lifestyle becoming rapidly popular. Life takes a sharp turn once the heart problem has been diagnosed. Sensitivity start prevailing in all aspects, medication, diet, workout, and almost all other routines of life. Heart patients can still make improvements through specific exercises, here we list below. 

Prohibited Activities?

Aloof yourself from strenuous activities like:

  • Carrying weight
  • Stop bowing activities like gardening etc.
  • Vigorous sports
  • Running

Rest you need to discuss with the doctor who can advise you a set of exercises and sports workable for you in the light of your reports and gravity of the problem itself. It widely varies in heart patients.

A prudent approach to exercise

  • Warm-up at little at least 15 minutes staring slightly and increasing gradually. A 10-15 minutes cool down at the end is also a must.
  • Ask your doctor to recommend some aerobics and go through it slowly and smartly.
  • No exercise after a meal and in hot & cold weather.
  • Don’t exercise if you have a viral infection (for example a sore throat) or a high temperature.
  • Wear a comfortable dress and remember that shoes are part of the dress.

A safer workout for a crazy heart

Again I need to repeat to warn that a heart patient must not start any activity without proper medical advice by his doctor. The following are however generally suggested exercises for patients with diagnosed heart issues.

  • Warm-up with 10 minutes walks at an easy pace for one week twice a week.
  • 5 minutes warm upstart than 10 minutes fast walk than 5 minutes slow close in the second week after every two days
  • 15 minutes fast walk with 5 minutes warm-up & cool down for four times a week.
  • 20 minutes fast walk with 5 minutes warm-up & cool down for four times a week.
  • 25-30 minutes fast walk with 10 minutes warm-up & 5 minutes cool down or five times a week. Also include arm swings, leaning a little, and body stretch.
  • Better to avoid outdoor activities and remain in a clean air environment. Take all necessary precautions as suggested by the doctor.

Stop, if you feel anything as follow:

  • Pain, pressure, tightness, or heaviness in the chest, arm, neck, or jaw
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Indigestion
  • Numbness in arms
  • Feeling Sweaty
  • Lightheaded

Changes in your angina indicate that heart disease is getting worse, need to call to doctor as this is not an affair to ignore. At last this a heart affair and no heart affair can be taken easy.

Need to bale out your heart once it start belling

  • Urza Omar
  • The writer is a freelance blogger, content, copywriter, and an accredited motivational speaker and trainer.