For the Girls Alone!

Trust the little innocence

A general impression is that in oriental societies like ours the parents and the society in third world countries put a very little, sometimes absolutely no trust in growing girls. Though not fully valid the assumption is not altogether false. It varies family to family depending upon various factors like social status, literacy level, and family traditions. You just can face it but fighting it all the way is not feasible, hence not recommend.

The silver lining

On the basis of my very own experience, I can simply suggest that there is still a great deal for girls facing such issues. You have all the right to have big dreams and there are now ways for you to make your dreams come true even without leaving the comfort of your home. The world is now at a click away. You really have no option to mourn in self-pity. You have a lot to do if you have a serious plan, vision, and commitment. “I am not being supported” can no more be justified. This is nothing but a self-cheating. You are born to aim high and live your dreams. You can do whatever you want to but only if you think you can.

Discover the real you!

Girls, you are the only hurdle in your way. you need to change the way, you think, you act, react and interact with others. It will work as your antivirus erasing the corrupted files from your mind leaving behind a smart, neat charming personality that you need to be. Just sort out your weaknesses, you don’t have any, you think? Fine every wise person thinks it so but remember this is the fatal ever mistake. Everyone has grey shades of personality. Better to find as early as you can. Come close to your mentor once you start realizing it. The best ever mentor in case of girls is the Mother alone, sometimes assisted by your elder sisters if you are the privileged one to have them.

Mother! Your best friend ever

Who is my best friend? It seems to be an easy question but perhaps the difficult one to answer it correctly. You naturally will start looking among your age fellows. But the real answer lies in the fact that who knows you exactly. That’s no other than you Mom! Only she knows you better than you know about yourself. She even knows you since the time you were nothing important enough to be known. So come close to your friend. She has a lot more collective wisdom compiled of her very own and the experiences of many others much wiser than you can be in the time to come. Trust her by sharing each of your facts, follies, secrets, objectives, plans, choices, and whatnot. You never will have regret. Take my word for a guarantee that the super mentor will never issue a hefty invoice as her consultancy fee but the little household chores to help with.  

Regrets in life

We surely are strange people. In most cases, careers are not our choices but being imposed upon us by the compulsion of society and parents. Lucky ones are the people who find their passion turning into their profession. The majority of our youth have been pushed in the degrees and professions they hate even. Keep aside the regrets if you are one of the victims. Regrets affect your productivity putting you at the sidelines of your competitors. Never spoil yourself if the professional environment and qualifications are not matching with what you dreamt of life. Just be courageous enough and discipline yourself to turn the table around. You can win with little adjustments in life, a bit molding your routines, and making your mark on the grounds can conquer.

Sentiments not being Sentimental

There is a big gap between “what you want” and “what you get”

Yahan kisi ko bhi kuch hasb e arzoo na mila
Kisi ko hum na milay aur hum ko tu na mila
(Nobody ever find the choice)
I lost you, and me your loss)

Sentiment are what make us human but becoming sentimental is weakness, the hurdle in your way to lead a balanced life. Focusing on an issue gives you strength to find a solution.

Swim opposite the stream

Flowing away within the stream of emotions is obviously not acceptable these days. It’s the right turn in life to take up emotional intelligence seriously. You never get what you deserve; you only get what you negotiate. Take the high road and negotiate on your terms and leave the table earliest if respect is not being served. Feel free to apply this principle every time you need it, given the conditions. Another way around is to tackle things more logically when you can hardly think of anything but emotions.

Never settle for less

There are many ways to balance between rationality and emotions. Invest your time in the things you like to do. Paint up the canvas; bake your favorite macrons, read those books you always wanted to. Talk to people as you may learn from a vast, wider human library. Be very choosy when it comes to handing out your emotions and care to be a good listener. You can serve as a listener at an online therapy forms to make people feel better through your experiences. You are not a pressure cooker, you have to steam out the suffocation. Meditation is key. The best you can do to yourself is loving your amazing soul, body, and personality unconditionally. The eyes reading this piece deserve nothing less than a sight of success, applauds, cheers, stars, and fairy light of congratulations. Let’s not settle for less. Spread it the ladies you love. Let’s stick to sis code and cheer up someone around. Chin up buttercup, this crown of lady needs to stand firm and high.

Urza Omar
  • Urza Omar
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