For the Pumping Jumping Hearty Heart!

Where ever you go, go with all your heart


Going for exercise is a task for most of us to do half-heartedly. Exciting is not a lifestyle for everyone but an ordeal to pass through. But the ones who develop this habit from early childhood take it as a treasure of pleasure. The pumping jumping hearty heart is a guarantee of good health that serve as a shield against health threats.

For people with hectic schedules and lethargic office routines, regular exercise is a must to safeguard their health. Take it easy as the following are the easiest exercises you can do in a “happy go marry” mood.

Awake to Walk

Walking is undoubtedly the best and free-of-cost exercise can be done anytime anywhere, going to the park, a grocery store, to see a friend nearby. You need not find a reason to go around 2-3 kilometers anytime you can spare friction of easy moments. It is but proof that there is nothing like a regular morning walk.   

Cycling to re-cycle your fitness

Your bicycle is missing you badly, for its “fitness” to assure. Now take it out, jump on it, pedal it 4-5 kilometers, take a U-turn, (a sort of U-turn the leaders are attuned to take), and be happy to pedal it fast as you are now on the way back home and there is nothing in life happier than coming back to home. A little feel of the fresh air outside is best for both of you, you, and your loved old bicycle. 


Find out a way to start swimming, it is a full-body exercise having a cool impact on your body and mind. You burn a lot of calories by trimming out your fats, bringing out the lost lighter feel of your body. Just started? Hurrah! A great achievement! keep it up, buddy…

Rising on Stairs

Ever have used stairs? No! Why? Lift is the worst place to be stuck in. Isn’t? Again your office is in a multistory building where you use the lift there all the time. Really is not a fine choice. Standing in the queue, rubbing your shoulders with others, and sometimes having a blow of bad breath right against your nostrils. Still not thinking to go on stairs, what a pity…. 

Just think to grow a little kitchen garden on the rooftop. Play 4-5 visits daily to see your most-loved veggies there and the choice of flowers you plan to present to someone. Remember this is the same old place where you have spent most of your time waiting to see a new moon in a nearby window.


Does nothing seem to work so far? Just have a little 15-20 minutes warm-up in your bedroom and there is many aerobics like pushups, crunches, and little other organ movements. All that soothes your heart to regain healthy hearty routines.


The cloudy, rainy winter compels you to stay at home even if COVID-19 is not waiting outside. Now is the time to clean out and oil your most neglected TV lounge garbage piece called a treadmill. It just needs your 20-30 minutes at 8-10kph to start your heart to pump health in veins.


It is another time-tested proven healthy lifestyle technique flowing out of eastern wisdom. The whole world has adopted it for its effective results and easy-going manner of exercising. A careful selection of preferred “assens” can make your heart healthy. Need to remember one thing you need to consult with an expert yogi or follow a YouTube channel of a well-known one.

All-day-active persons are prone to burn more calories than fix-time exercisers. So keep your life active enough happily and purposefully for the pumping, jumping, hearty heart.

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