Frizzling with Frizzy Hair?, Here is a way out!

The rain, cloud, mist, and fog are irresistible but I truly can’t stand such dreamy weather when I get a good “hair day” all day. I feel we are on the same page being “frizz fellows”. Frizz is the worst thing that could happen to hair. Frizz occurs due to a lack of nourishment. It leaves hair dull, dry, lifeless, and unmanageable. Like the bad fortune frizzy hair is the thing which no one happily is waiting for.

But nature has gifted us a few amazing things to get a charge of modifying the way we look. We are sharing the top 5 remedies to treat your super frizzy hair all with the basic natural ingredients.


Hi, thinking to use it with bread rolls and toast? Sure you can but Mayonnaise is way more beneficial than being yummy alone. Mayonnaise coats your hair with a layer of missing moisture. It strengthens the hair follicles leaving them super shiny, silky, and reduced frizz.


Blend 1/4 cup mayonnaise,1/3 cup pure almond oil, And 1-2 eggs. Mix all three ingredients to form a paste. Coat scalp and hair through the length. Cover with a shower cap. Wait for about an hour or two. Then shampoo your hair and apply conditioner. Rinse with cold water. Feel the silky touch.


The taste of a teaspoon of honey over fluffy pancakes or to Buffalo wings is an irreplaceable flavor. But this just the one feast to your taste buds. Honey has got some other surprising qualities too. A mixture of honey and lemon will help your hair to glow and shine as your sparky eyes do.


Dilute the honey with water and pour it through your hair. Once your hair is soaked with the mixture, let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse with shampoo and conditioner.

Coconut Milk

Once my doctor (believe me not a witch doctor) advised me to take a teaspoon of coconut milk daily and you won’t be bald at 70. Coconut milk has the potential to return back the natural strength to it as it has penetrative nature. Strengthen from inside and gorgeous from outside. Make sense?


Heat the coconut milk until it is warm. Apply it to your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes followed by washing with shampoo and conditioner.


The egg is undoubtedly one of the most top listed blessings of nature. Watery mouth? No! It is not a cheese omelet this time, just need to break it on your head a while. It shares our burden from breakfast nutrition to healing hair and skin. The egg is highly rich in proteins and vitamins. It smoothens hair by detangling them. As a result, we face less breakage and hair loss. Whisk an egg with your favorite oil and see the magic.


Mix one teaspoon of almond oil and egg yolk. Apply the mixture throughout the hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and thereafter wash off with water.

Aloe Vera

For centuries, this plant keeps on growing to the inflated expectations of mankind. It’s been a very supportive tool for our grandmas when it came to skin problems and hair issues. Aloe vera gel help scalp in balancing ph level as frizzy and dull hair leads to severe itching sometimes. It will absorb the excess oil and will work as a cooling compressor being inflammatory in nature. 


Apply freshly extracted gel to hair. Let it rest in hair for 30 minutes and rinse off with shampoo, not forgetting to end up with a conditioner.

Urza Omar
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