Hobbies – That Help in Career Growth

Isolation and social distancing are the buzzwords popularized by the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic pressure compelled people to refrain from physical get-togethers and socializing. It resulted in anxiety caused by loneliness. People waited for a long to get back to normal. The world however has reached an unannounced consensus that living with COVID is now a new normal. The Pandemic is going nowhere. It is staying and staying for unpredictable times ahead. Is it not a ripe time to revert back to your school and teenage hobbies?

Now is the time to understand how we can make our “stay at home” more productive. The leaders and managers are seriously considering learning the ways to pass a purposeful time during a lockdown. Many people feel isolated in the absence of outdoor activities. The managers are finding ways to turn lockdown situations into productivity. There is a dire need for activities to pass the time and reclaim some sense of purpose.

Life is never dull. We can make it charming even under the compulsions of crisis. A thoughtful selection of hobbies matching your mood is a recipe for a pleasant time pass. Suitably selected hobbies can help in career growth. 

Effect of Hobbies on Career

A hobby has a multi-fold effect on a career. The hobby is helping in boosting career growth in many ways. Following are some points that help in understanding the impact of a hobby on a career

Being Active

The pandemic hit routine is disappointing. You have a lot of spare time even if you work from home. You start feeling bored due to a lack of outdoor activities. Learning a new skill is a blessing in such a situation. You keep yourself engaged in creative activity. Engage yourself in a hobby that you always dreamed of but could not spare time for it. It is time to turn your dreams into reality. 

Energy Booster

Every new activity opens up a new world of activities both mental and physical. The activities keep you fit. Fitness is an energy booster that you were missing in the dull life of lockdown. This boost of energy is coming without any extra effort on your health and fitness. You are working on your hobby and taking an extra benefit of it on the improvement of your health. 

Market Worth

Hiring competent professionals is key to business success. Employers fully understand the stigma. Employers not only need the talent to fit in their work machine but prefer a person capable of creating work-life balance within and outside the workplace. Hobbies help you create a work-life balance and guide your team to handle their assignments more productively. 


There is no denial to the proverb that “knowledge is power”. Every new learning changes your way of thinking. It transforms your entire perspective of life. It is a chance to rethink and redesign your purpose in your career. You can benefit from your new skills to make improvements in your career. It is an enhancement in personality that can never be ignored by the people around. 


Hobbies are a source of creative thinking. You learn to solve issues. Out-of-the-box problem-solving skills are honed through passing an active time. The approach helps you in career growth. You learn to solve work-related issues. An enhancement to productivity is a way to strengthen your professionalism. 

Self Confidence 

Every new skill that you learn has an impact on your self-confidence and boosts your self-esteem. You surely take pride in what you know. It is a sort of achievement that distinguishes you from others. Your colleagues, managers, and subordinates all take notice of it. It counts towards your career growth and your fitness for the next role.  


Hobbies provide an opportunity to network with like-minded souls. It generates a co-working environment when you come close to colleagues who have similar interests. Hobbies do serve as a significant source of communication across and beyond organizational boundaries. Developing a purposeful relationship with co-workers and in the community helps in widening your network. Networking not only helps in career growth but keeps you in high esteem in society as well. 

Select a Hobby

Everything is not for everyone. There is a long list of hobbies you can choose from. You must take time to think. You must choose a hobby that appeals to your personality traits. Selecting the wrong hobby is a sheer waste of time, energy, and resources. Here we list some hobbies that fit to taste of business leaders.


Cooking is a passion for people who have a good taste for healthy eating. There is no food like the one you cook yourself. A little mix of the recipe and you can best treat your taste buds. Your health is a bonus if you are cooking. No one can make a compromise on the quality of food if he knows that he has to swallow it himself. It’s a great way to disconnect from the workload and engage in an activity that you like deep in your heart. 


Greenery has a soothing impact on the soul. It is an engaging activity asking a good deal of your time. The fruit of your hard work however has real worth. Seeing plants growing to bring leaves and fruits is an unmatched joy. Sowing seeds and caring for the plants reduce stress and keep your mind fresh. Gardening is a game of patience. You need to wait for the outcome of your efforts. 

Learn new language

Learning a new language is a gift. It is not an easy task. You can start learning a language of your interest. You can find huge tutorial materials on YouTube. There are many apps, websites prod-costs, and books that can guide you through the process. Learning a new language means opening doors to a new world. The process of learning a language could improve your communication skills, cultural awareness, memory, focus, and confidence.


Arthur Schopenhauer rightly said that music is food for the soul. Listening to music is a spiritual experience that provides relief from stress. The rhythm of music runs through the nerves. Learning to play a musical instrument is a gift of gab. Playing a musical instrument is a rewarding experiment. Learning to play music improves discipline and focus, drives creativity, and opens a whole new social circle for you. It is also a matter of pride that distinguishes you in your circle. 

Puzzle Solving

Puzzles, crosswords, jigsaws, and number games help in improving the focus of the mind. Such activities are mental exercises that help sharpen your thought process. Mental exercises like solving puzzles improve your problem-solving skills, memory, attention to detail, and productivity while reducing stress. 


Reading is a pleasure. Surely it has to do nothing with your physical health. But reading keeps your mind active and fresh. It is a great source of learning, knowledge, and developing emotional intelligence (EQ). A book is the best friend you can trust. Avoid TV and smartphones in your free time. Make a list of books that you can read in a year and then see the results. 

Social Work 

Working selflessly for others as a volunteer is a way of paying back to society. There are many avenues for engaging yourself in philanthropic activities where you can work as a volunteer. This way you not only help some needy people but work towards a larger betterment of society as a whole. It improves your management, leadership, and communication skills that benefit you at the workplace. 


“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. A regular workout is an easy way to keep yourself physically and mentally fit and firm. A stress-free active mind can make a fast decision with more accurate results. There is a long list of options like jogging, swimming, riding, gym, yoga, and playing a game regularly. Yoga is the smartest way of keeping fit. It improves flexibility posture and breathing while reducing stress. 

Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay 

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  • The author has rich management exposure in banking, textiles, and teaching in business administration.