Know the new iPhone 12

Apple has launched its new iPhone 12 series. The upgrade has much to offer than expected. Some are the routine upgrades such as processor speed, an improved camera, and the design retouch. The breakthrough is, however, the much talked about 5G wireless chip, making it to become compatible to connect with super-speed 5G mobile broadband networks.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told, about the new upgrade iPhone 12 features saying, “Each generation of cellular technology on iPhone has enabled breakthrough innovations and entirely new opportunities for our developers and our users,” talking at the virtual event, Cook said, “For so many people this all becomes real with 5G coming to iPhone.”

5G Fun

The 5G is a new feature on the iPhone, but nothing new for mobile phones as Android phones have it for years. Will 5G have any lasting effect on the selling of an upgrade? The question has its answer in a clear NO. There was a big hype about the 5G technology having tall claims and promising, reshaping, and redefining the associated technologies. It all has proved a failure so far. 5G networking is increasing at a fast pace in some countries like South Korea and China, but in the United States, it is disappointing. Reports on wireless networks speed even place the 5G speed of the American mobile operators lower than the 4G LTE networks.

5G Speed

The 5G speed issues have their roots in infrastructure issues mainly. Huawei, the Chinese mobile technologies, is one of the most prominent producers of 5G devices and components. The US authorities have problems with the company in the backdrop of its Chinese origin, casting doubts of privacy leakage and security issues. The US mobile carries have pressures to go 5G without Huawei’s tech support. The obvious result is the lower speed than the countries using Huawei’s technology.

Upgrade to 5G means being a lucky beneficiary of the hype of technology. But your luck depends upon various factors, the smartphone itself, your location, the quality of 5G of your mobile carrier. The companies using the original 5G network offer a swift speed. The mediums opting for 5G using existing 4G technology fall back on performance. Another vital issue is coverage of a few cities and even the specific blocks in the cities. Faster movie download and clear video quality is an edge of 5G. But why to pay a hefty price for a 5G device if you are not a movie freak or a video addict? 


The new iPhone 12 line of four (iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max) is a feature-rich upgrade by Apple. The whole family of four variants of the new iPhone 12 has Apple’s new wireless charging tech, MagSafe. This feature uses a ring of magnets embedded in the iPhone to make a connection with wireless chargers and other accessories. 

Closing Comments

The 5G factor alone will not contribute much towards iPhone 12 sales, especially in the US, where 5G networks lack performance and coverage. The other features and brand loyalty sure will attract users. Consumer iPhone addiction will play a vital role in boosting sales. The 5G factor, however, will perhaps be a sales contributor in years to come. In the year 2020, it is just a sales sensation that can not be a priority over the other valuable features. 

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