Kabul Massacre

Tuesday morning a hospital located in Kabul the capital of Afghanistan was attacked leaving 12 mothers, two babies, and nurses dead. At 10:00 (5:30 GMT), the attack began at the hospital. Local heard two blasts followed by gunfire. A doctor describes that there were around 140 people in the hospital when gunmen opened fire.

Another doctor told AFP news agency that “total panic” took hold as the assault unfolded. A vendor named Ramzan Ali stated to a news agency that is a government hospital it’s crowded with women and kids. The gunmen fired everyone randomly without any reason.

Another 15 people, including a number of children, were injured in the attack by several gunmen, officials said. Meanwhile, at least 24 people killed in a bombing at a funeral. So far forces rescued 100 women and babies including three foreigners as per the stats provided by an official to BBC.

Its the worst humanity can steep by attacking a maternity ward and a funeral. Places where humans are most vulnerable and harmless. Such incidents bring up both the dark and bright side of humans. A lady named Feroza Younas rushed to the hospital immediately after the attack with the intention of feeding those newborns who lost their mothers. All respect and salute to the front line fighters including all hospital employees, media, forces, volunteers, and civilians providing help to the victims. We stand with the families and condemn this act. The latest updates are expected by officials. Details are still being unfolding.

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