Lifestyle in Corona Age

One vital role that Corona played in my life is helping me recall the basic ethics my kindergarten teacher once told me. Certainly, the corona isn’t issuing fee vouchers to us but it’s costing the most precious asset called human life. A lot of buzzes around and terrible hype about the plethora of do’s and don’t is around. It is a paradigm shift in life, as at least my Lifestyle in Corona Age stands entirely changed.

A theory says that human beings have three responses to every crisis. Fight, Flight, or Freeze. Most of us freeze sadly without realizing the sensitivity of the situation. We need to learn to live a different way during Covid-19. Before you get disappointed, I got a ray of hope for all of you. Lifestyle in Corona Age is nothing constant. It is bound to revert to normal.

Wash Hands! Bash Corona.

Undoubtedly, there is no vaccine for corona invented so far. Not a big deal. Nothing was even invented to make us disciplined either, except the urge for reward. Why not assume ourselves the soldier of a video game fighting against a monster? Let us start with washing hands, as nothing gets better, the dirty hands having germs on them.

Ever thought that what if the germs on hand sign a partnership with their friend germs in the outside world and invite them to “stay safe at home”, your very own unwashed hands? Will you afford to accommodate all of them? Certainly not. So washing hands is just not a “nuclear attack” on coronavirus alone but on many of its “cronies”, you haven’t taken notice of before the outbreak of this pandemic.    

Personally Personal

Hands just do not need washing alone, but cleansing. A mantra in vogue is that 20 seconds with the right moves of hands help wash the germs away. While you make a countdown, busy cleansing your hands, the running tap merely has any role in it. Closing it in the meantime surely is the right move. Not only the world is fighting the corona crisis but next in the pipeline is a clean water shortage.

The privileged ones having running water supply need to limit the water usage in order to leave it enough for the needy. The step next is drying your hands. Your towels, napkins, and tissues are no more are a family affair. These items are personally personal now. Hygiene is not only using clean stuff but very much personal too. Avoid that sideline.

Curtailing Virus

Stay focused on the things and places your hands get in contact with. Gone were the days when people used to say bless you when they heard someone sneezing. Now they deliver them to the hospital and the rest the doctors need to do. This Corona, as research goes so far, is not an airborne entity but a bit heavy to drop and stay at some sort of surface, waiting for somebody to touch it to become its carrier and travel companion to another unfortunate destiny.

One must be very much careful while sneezing or coughing. Don’t use your hands to cover your mouth as hands are the most exposed part of the body and we use them to pick stuff, shake hands, and rub our eyes. Keep a handy napkin to cover your nose and mouth or use the inner side of the elbow or sleeve serving as a napkin, the same habit we used to say to avoid to our children, but the past is past now.

If you are at home, office, or in a place where you have easy and quick access to the washbasin, prefer using water to wash your nose and mouth frequently.

N95 Mask

The front-line soldiers like doctors, police, media reporters, and volunteers must focus on buying an N95 mask. A normal surgical mask is loose and thin. Whereas the N95 mask fits our face, covering all the loopholes. It’s a filter-packed respiratory mask and its shape restricts any fluid or particular in.

Be safe with safety-specific innovations, gadgets, tools, and wearables. Better to put a little money into such stuff than on medicines and treatment things. N95 masks no more remains a luxury but a need of the day till normal becomes the new normal again. Buy it today as tomorrow can be the day too late to use the option. Live these days in the Lifestyle in Corona Age. It is a new normal now.

Meet & Greet

We all are the building blocks of society. We owe it a lot. Take care of your family members. The World is abruptly changing now. Hugging doesn’t define caring, but maintaining a distance does. Avoid handshakes. Keep a distance. Coming close is causing a threat.

A safe distance is the safer measure in the pandemic dictionary. Welcome guests in Sindhi style (A province of Pakistan known for its humble greeting style). This will surely be a cheerful greeting style. A few clicks on YouTube and it is lovely. Waving hands from a distance is better than handshaking and hugging nowadays.

Care 2 Cure

A pinch of salt in a glass of water never hurt. It will be an antiseptic to your throat, keeping the path clear from viruses. If you feel a headache, take a painkiller. Isolate yourself if you find any of these symptoms like dry cough, breathing issues, fever, sneezing, body fatigue, or shivering. Wash hands frequently but be careful to avoid wiping out hand lines.

Perhaps at some time, you may need to consult a palmist. Your luck and the bad luck live in the lines of your hands as the business of palmistry defines it. You surely need your fingerprints, even if you do not believe in palmistry at all. Apply moisture to your hands after every wash to keep the fingerprints intact to appear when you need them.

Stay Calm

Nothing else but a calm mind, hope, and faith can help us get over this pandemic. It’s very rare when the world joins hands with empathy beyond races, boundaries, and economies. Take the privilege of the rarest of the rare consensus and play a vital role in saving the world. Surely you have ONE beyond your own estimates.

Stay home, stay safe, and help others the way you find workable in your situation. Staying calm will help you not stay home alone. Follow the Lifestyle in Corona Age for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

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