Looking into the Dry Eyes

Eyes are your window to this beautiful charming world, perhaps the sensitive most part of your body. Should you not be more sensitive in caring for this gifted “camera”? You must be, in my opinion. Dry eyes are a critical issue. It is not always fully curable. It is however manageable to a comfortable level. Taking care of the following points will help avoid the trouble.

Home Solutions

Some home remedies work well. Try some of the following before visiting a doctor and believe me, it works sometimes even beyond one’s expectations.

  1. The feeling of dryness increases during the use of a computer, smartphone, TV, or study. Give blinking a try and blink it fast. A relief is for sure.
  2. Take short breaks while studying, reading, writing, or watching TV, etc. Just have little intervals of your own, without waiting for the intervals caused by external reasons.
  3. Remove eye makeup carefully and thoroughly that close openings of the meibomian glands at the base of eyelashes.
  4. Limit your exposure to blowing like facing fan, hairdryer, and going out in the windy outdoors.
  5. Indoor heating in winter cause dryness. It necessitates the use of a humidifier to ensure moisture in the air. Just putting a pan of water near the heater can work well.
  6. Give your eyes a little rest. These are more important than watching all similar prime-time “same as yesterday” stuff.
  7. Warm compresses (a garm takore) suggested a 108 F degree for 10 minutes twice a day can be a big relief to your dry eyes.

Some standard medical treatments are also available to try:-

Eye Lubrication

In routine cases resulting from computer use, prolonged study hours, watching TV, etc., the use of artificial tears, eye lubricants, and drops can help keep fresh and humidified eyes.


A stage next suggestion by a doctor can be RESTASIS (Allergen). This sort of eye drop includes an agent known to reduce inflammation. Use for 90 days at least.

Steroid Eye Drops

Studies show that dry eyes usually cause inflammation that initiates irritation and burning. Some specific eye drops to cure the trouble like Steroid eye drops have a great success record. Many brands are available in the market. First, consult your doctor and use only the recommended ones.

Punctal Plugs

It is a small, sterilized device for insertion in a small opening of tear drainage ducts (puncta), in the inner corner of the upper and lower eyelids. It stops the draining of tears fast and helps them stay on the surface of the eye-soothing eye dryness.

Nutritional Supplements

Studies show that supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in curing dry eyes. It can be found in cold-water fish, flaxseed oil, and some other common food items. Drinking more water helps you avoid dehydration which is much helpful to reduce eye dryness.

But if all above is not proven right in your case then please don’t waste time consulting your doctor. May you be needing some surgical treatment which must be taken immediately if your consultant thinks so. 

Urza Omar
  • Urza Omar
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