LUMS Things – Memories Luminites Take Home

Winter Evenings

The walk of the empty campus on a fine winter evening is completed by cardamom tea and a friend. Covered with trees all over, the lush green campus is sketched in your thoughts for the rest of your life. Your home for 4-5 years was an alma mater for a lifetime. This building has our hearts. From the fog to sunset and rain, it was nothing less than a view of expensive tourist sites. LUMS things are my memories of my sweatest days there, like the nostalgic memories of my days at Punjab University.

Sunset at LUMS

Thriller Nights

It is one of its kind event in Pakistan. A Halloween-themed musical event. You definitely spotted students dressed up as a vampire, witches, beasts, and every possible horror character. The flagship event of LUMS music society. I am sure you all miss enjoying food while hearing those loud beats of Halloween songs.

Thrill nights at LUMS

PDC lunch

Not that there are not enough eateries on campus but PDC (or superstore)is the lightest on the pocket. Remember the queue that hurt your feet? Besides that, grabbing juice and a snack from the superstore in the morning was a must as jam-in cost a fortune.

A LUMS view

Jamin Java Birthdays

Cheers, joy, balloons, candles, cake, lots of snow spray, and eggs. Few items that completed your birthday. Many Luminites will be celebrating their birthdays at lavish restaurants and still missing that very casual on-campus celebration followed by a treat in h block or phase 3.

Jamin Java Birthdays at LUMS

Parking struggles

You were scared of leaving your car at the mercy of those stunts who left it damaged at the end of the day. On bad days, someone blocked the way and on the worst days, your car was scratched.

Parking at LUMS


A place for naps and self-time. Where we all did anything else than study. The pin-drop silence calmed us to sleep mostly.

LUMS Libraray


Do you miss buying tea and top pops from khokha while chattering with your group at the bench until you realize that the deadline demands attention? A place where many of us came up with start-up ideas, and philosophical thoughts, and laughed to tears over those silly jokes.


Backyard jam

Another contribution by music society towards entertainment. Open-stage performances are done at your favorite REDC lawn. Raise your hand if you belong to the batch which witnessed it happening.

LUMS Music Society

Walks and protests

Be it anything going wrong or condemnable. Luminites take the privilege to be a pioneer in raising voices for the right. Never saw anything going unconsoled by Luminites.

Protest at LUMS

The backside of the sports complex

So we all know what the hype is about. Peace and creating peace with each other. That’s what this place is known for. Names were carved on the benches and separated days after. Do these creatures still believe in the FLAME thing? Many of us went there to enjoy a bit of the live cinema. Background music: Feel the magic in the air!

LUMS Sports Complex

PDC windows

Don’t you miss Texting a friend ‘Come to PDC window’? Sitting in a window and staring at every human purposelessly. This place holds another kind of attachment. It was my version of those spotting benches where the senior students would do nothing but check out the new-comers.


Vending machines

Were they supposed to give drinks? I thought it is just a new ornament. They collected dust all year and accommodate tiny creatures like ants and kittens. You can leave your wallet at home but do bring the smart card if you want to enter premises that have a nonoperational vending machine.

LUMS Vending Machine

Puzzle of ‘A’ blocks

No one is so fond of playing puzzles that they differ from these blocks. Okay! Did you ever accidentally enter A16 when you wanted to go A10? One can easily differ apart from two identical twins but not these buildings.

LUMS A Block


It’s the human version of those relatives who spoiled your events by picking up a fight a day before. This depression made us go bald. Your ex was more loyal than this particular thing. It always betrayed whenever one tried enrollment in a course.


Zakir tikka

The guy from Zakir tikka was one of the most cheerful people we saw at LUMS. With a million-dollar smile on his face, he served all of us throughout the years at the campus.

Zakir Tikka at LUMS


LMF, open houses, battle of batches, dramafest, YELS, LUMUN, and whatnot. Breaking sweat the whole semester and waiting impatiently for a break. When I say break, I mean event. Sitting in a circle surrounding a bonfire and feeding sweet tooth with marshmallows.


Daku Day

Freshmen were never been this jealous of senior students before Daku day. Relax, nail the four years gracefully and you will be the one showering on sophomores and others. All black with a scarf wrapped around the head or collar. A mole made with marker on the cheek. A pen fixed behind his ear and guns in hand. All set to go.

LUMS Daku Day

Common rooms

Those gatherings ended up with many new friendships and gossip. A place to cheer the one for all TV. Sometimes your toe room to prepare for exams or group study. If you find it empty, the carpets are off for replacement.

LUMS Common Rooms

Meow (cat army)

I always shared my biscuit with the healthy white one whenever she came around my table at Khokha seating. Luminites remember them with their colors and faces. No matter which part of the campus it is, they welcome you warmly.

Cats at LUMS

Packed traffic at 5

You are not supposed to ask your driver or cab to wait outside the exit gate when they are here to pick you up. If you do, they will surely be revolving around u-turn meanwhile.

Traffic Pack at LUMS

Academic block

Bad grades? Long queue outside RO? Zambeel issues? Heartbreaks? Workload? Assignment? Steps at academic block know all your sad and happy stories. They loved you more than you loved the chicken and chips by Jammin.

LUMS academic Block


Another peaceful point for SDSB students. Those blue seats of pods were your place to sit and regret about everything that went wrong. And the only thing going right is that you are still at the most loved and beautiful campus in the country.


Once a Luminite, always a Luminite. No matter where life will take us, we will gracefully take this title along. Being in LUMS was the best thing that happened to us between our teens. A dream for half of the country’s students during their senior years at A levels. A pride for the graduate after years of passing out. Little does the world know what it takes to be at LUMS, least anyone can feel the joy that we all lived inside the walls of LUMS.  

Urza Omar
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