National Kissing Day – June 22nd

National Kissing Day celebrating the act of kissing, has become a global phenomenon that transcends cultural boundaries and traditions. From the historical roots of kissing to its modern-day manifestations in popular culture, this day serves as a reminder of the power of affection and connection.

In this article, we will delve into the history and origins of National Kissing Day, explore the various ways it is celebrated around the world, discuss the health benefits associated with kissing, and reflect on the significance of famous kisses in history and pop culture.

Join us as we unravel the traditions, controversies, and evolving customs surrounding this day dedicated to the art of expressing love and intimacy through a simple yet profound gesture – the kiss.

1. History and Origin of National Kissing Day

The Origins of Kissing

Kissing has been around longer than avocado toast, with evidence of it dating back to ancient times. Whether it’s a sign of affection, greeting, or sealing a deal, kissing has always been a universal language of love.

While digging into the history of National Kissing Day, we couldn’t find any info on June 22nd specifically. But, we did uncover some interesting events that happened around that time, starting in 2002. For example, an episode of the UK soap opera Hollyoaks aired on June 25, 2002. In this episode, characters Ellie and Ben broke a record for the longest on-screen kiss.

Actors Sarah Baxendale and Marcus Patrick locked lips for a whopping three minutes and fifteen seconds during a kissing contest held for International Kissing Day. Even though they might have been celebrating a bit early (since the holiday falls on July 6 in England), it’s still pretty darn impressive. And hey, there have been even longer kisses since then, like the ones we’ve seen on episodes of The Bachelor.

Creation of National Kissing Day

National Kissing Day was likely thought up by someone who realized we could all use a little more love and connection in our lives. Thus, a day dedicated to puckering up was born, giving us the perfect excuse to smooch those we care about.

2. Celebrating National Kissing Day Around the World

Kissing Traditions in Different Cultures

From the gentle air kisses in France to the nose-to-nose rub of the Maori people in New Zealand, kissing traditions vary globally. It’s a reminder that no matter where we are, a kiss can speak volumes.

Events and Activities on National Kissing Day

On National Kissing Day, you might find couples stealing kisses in the park, friends planting pecks on each other’s cheeks, or even pets getting in on the action. It’s a day to spread love in all its forms.

3. Health Benefits of Kissing

Physical Benefits of Kissing

Kissing not only makes your heart flutter but can also burn calories, boost your immune system, and even lower stress levels. Who knew that locking lips could be a workout?

Psychological Effects of Kissing

Beyond the physical perks, kissing releases oxytocin and dopamine, aka the “feel-good” hormones. It can improve your mood, strengthen bonds, and leave you with a smile plastered on your face.

4. Famous Kisses in History and Pop Culture

Iconic Kisses in Film and Television

From the upside-down smooch in “Spider-Man” to the timeless lip-lock in “Gone with the Wind,” iconic kisses in media have captured our hearts and inspired countless romantics.

Historical Kisses That Made Headlines

Whether it’s the V-J Day kiss in Times Square or the first televised kiss on “I Love Lucy,” history is peppered with memorable kisses that transcend time and remind us of the power of a single, heartfelt kiss.

5. How to Celebrate National Kissing Day

Ah, National Kissing Day – the perfect excuse to pucker up and spread some love! Here are some fun ways to celebrate with your loved ones:

Fun Ways to Celebrate with Loved Ones

  • Plan a surprise smooch under the stars.
  • Have a romantic picnic and sneak in some stolen kisses.
  • Watch a movie together and reenact the famous kissing scenes.
  • Send virtual kisses to friends and family with cute emojis.

Feeling extra affectionate? Here are some ideas for spreading love and affection on National Kissing Day:

Ideas for Spreading Love and Affection on National Kissing Day

  • Write love notes and hide them in unexpected places for your loved ones to find.
  • Offer compliments and kind words – sometimes a verbal kiss goes a long way.
  • Donate to a charity that supports causes you are passionate about because spreading love extends beyond just kisses.

6. Controversies and Criticisms Surrounding National Kissing Day

Not everyone is on board with the love train on National Kissing Day. Let’s dive into some of the controversies and criticisms surrounding this affectionate holiday.

Debate Over the Commercialization of Affection

  • Some skeptics argue that National Kissing Day has become too commercialized, with companies pushing products in the name of love.
  • The debate rages on whether genuine affection can be bought or if it should be celebrated without any commercial agenda.

Social and Cultural Perspectives on Public Displays of Affection

  • Different cultures have varying views on public displays of affection, with some finding it taboo while others embrace it openly.
  • National Kissing Day sparks discussions on boundaries and appropriate ways to show affection in different social settings.

7. The Evolution of Kissing Customs

Kissing has come a long way from simple pecks on the cheek. Let’s explore how kissing customs have evolved.

Changing Views on Kissing Etiquette

  • What was once considered scandalous may now be seen as commonplace, as societal norms around kissing continue to shift.
  • From hand-kissing to air-kissing to the good ol’ French kiss, the rules of kissing etiquette have loosened up.

Influence of Technology on Modern Kissing Practices

  • Virtual kisses, emojis, and video calls have added new dimensions to how we express affection in the digital age.
  • Long-distance relationships are no longer hindered by physical boundaries, thanks to technology that allows lovers to share virtual kisses across screens.

All in All

National Kissing Day leaves behind a trail of shared moments, heartfelt connections, and a renewed appreciation for the power of a kiss. Whether it’s a peck on the cheek between friends, a passionate embrace between lovers, or a tender gesture of affection towards family members, the act of kissing has a universal language that speaks volumes without saying a word.

Let us carry the spirit of National Kissing Day forward, cherishing the warmth and intimacy that a kiss can bring into our lives each day. Embrace the love, spread the joy, and remember that a simple kiss has the power to convey a world of emotions in a single touch.

Image by Jupi Lu from Pixabay


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