National Patch Day – June 24th

National Patch Day holds a special place in the hearts of many. The day serves as a reminder to contribute towards kids suffering the acute diseases such as cancer. This annual observation highlights the struggle of Oliver’s family. The day shines a spotlight on a pivotal issue while fostering a sense of solidarity and support for kids suffering from cancer.

From its humble beginnings to its present-day resonance, National Patch Day embodies the spirit of advocacy and awareness. The event invites people to come together in a shared mission of creating positive change and making a lasting impact.

1. Introduction to National Patch Day

June 24th is National Patch Day! We want to encourage everyone to show some love to a child who could use some extra support, kindness, and healing by sending them a patch. Let’s all give a big hug to any child who may be dealing with illness, or mental health challenges. Take care of the kids facing the loss of a loved one, or just going through a tough time.

What is National Patch Day?

National Patch Day is a unique occasion to showcase the art of patchwork and the stories behind each patch. It’s a day to embrace individuality, celebrate craftiness, and honor the beauty of imperfection.

Origin of the Celebration

The origins of National Patch Day may not be as clear-cut as a neatly stitched line. Its essence however lies in the idea of turning something old into something new. It can be a vintage denim jacket adorned with patches or a quilt passed down through generations. The National Patch Day pays tribute to the artistry of patchwork.

2, History and Origins of National Patch Day

National Patch Day didn’t just magically appear like a patch on a magic robe. It has its own unique story of how it came to be and how it has evolved.

Founding of National Patch Day

In February 2023, the National Day Calendar proudly welcomed the Oliver Patch Project to our Founder Family. Every year on June 24, we will celebrate National Patch Day. It is a time to empower kids with cancer to find their inner warrior. We also encourage everyone to send a small token of love to someone in need of support, kindness, and healing.

The Burkhardt Family – Brian, Trisha, Oliver, and Peter – took a challenging situation, a cancer diagnosis, and turned it into something positive. They received patches filled with love. Now they are paying it forward each day to other families whose children are undergoing cancer treatment through the Oliver Patch Project. The impact of receiving these patches from loved ones and strangers has truly changed their lives for the better.

We feel thrilled to share that as of July 13, 2022, Oliver is in remission and living his best life. The legacy of his patch project has blossomed into a successful non-profit organization. It brings joy and hope to children with pediatric cancers all across the U.S.

Evolution of the Celebration Over Time

From humble beginnings to a full-fledged annual celebration, National Patch Day has grown like a patchwork quilt, pieced together with love and dedication. As the years have passed, the event has evolved to embrace modern interpretations of patchwork while still honoring its traditional roots.

3. Significance and Importance of Celebrating

National Patch Day isn’t just about sticking some fabric onto a garment. It holds deeper meanings and serves important purposes in today’s world.

The Oliver Patch Project

The Oliver Patch Project is all about creating cool patches for kids with cancer. We team up with artists and designers to help these kids and their families design their unique patches. These patches make the kids feel strong and empowered as they go through their cancer journey. Each kid becomes a warrior, proudly showing off their patches as they hit important milestones in their treatment.

Marking Milestones

Just like knights getting ready for battle, the Oliver Patch Project Warriors put on their warrior jacket “armor” and earn Milestone Patches for each big step they take in their cancer journey. Milestones are like major events in a person’s life and for kids with cancer. They show progress and strength as they face tough challenges.

The Oliver Patch Project celebrates these milestones with patches featuring the bravest and strongest animals on earth. Each animal represents one of the 13 major medical milestones a child will go through during their cancer treatment. These animals stand for courage, strength, and resilience.

4. Patch Day Project

Did you know that about 47 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US every day? Even though childhood cancer is considered rare compared to adult diagnoses, it is still the leading cause of death from disease in kids under 20 years old. These sad statistics are what inspired the creation of the Oliver Patch Project.

Burkhardt Family Contribution

In May 2020, nine-year-old Oliver Burkhardt was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. After Oliver’s diagnosis, family and friends wanted to show him love and support. The Burkhardt family came up with a simple idea to help Oliver stay positive – they asked people to send him patches in the mail. Each patch Oliver received was sewn onto his jean jacket, which he wore to and from hospital visits as a reminder of all the people rooting for him.

Oliver Patch Project (OPP)

Oliver’s jacket became his suit of armor, making him feel strong and loved during his battle. He wore it proudly like a warrior. Seeing the positive impact these patches had on Oliver, his parents decided to spread that same positivity to other kids with cancer by creating the Oliver Patch Project (OPP). National Patch Day is an extension of the OPP, offering support to any child struggling with disease, mental illness, loss, or just going through a tough time.

5. Impact and Awareness Raised by National Patch Day

Community Engagement and Participation

National Patch Day has been a true celebration of unity and togetherness, bringing communities together to support a common cause. From local events to social media challenges, people have come together in creative and impactful ways to raise awareness and support for important issues.

Media Coverage and Public Response

The media coverage of National Patch Day has been nothing short of inspiring, with outlets across the country highlighting the innovative ways individuals and organizations have participated. The public response has been overwhelmingly positive, showcasing the power of collective action in creating meaningful change.

6. Future of National Patch Day

Growth and Expansion Plans

Looking ahead, National Patch Day is growing and expanding, with plans to reach even more communities and individuals in the future. By increasing visibility and engagement, the impact of this movement can continue to grow and make a difference in the lives of many.

Sustaining the Momentum

To ensure the long-term success of National Patch Day, it will be crucial to sustain the momentum generated by this annual event. By fostering ongoing engagement and support, the impact of National Patch Day can be felt throughout the year, not just on a single day.

7. Ways to Get Involved and Support the Cause

  1. Volunteer for the Oliver Patch Project Warriors as a designer, artist, writer, tech support, or social media whiz. Visit I Want To Volunteer to learn more.
  2. Send your favorite patch to the Oliver Patch Project and they will share it with one of their Warriors. Reach out to the Oliver Patch Project to Learn More about getting started.
  3. Let a loved one know you care by sending them a patch. Click the Send A Patch link to send a patch to your loved one.
  4. Create a patch design for a child battling cancer. If you have a design you would love to share, you can Design A Patch here.
  5. Donate time or give a monetary donation to the Oliver Patch Project.
  6. Spread awareness by sharing the positive impact of the Oliver Patch Project. Share your and your family’s story using #NationalPatchDay on social media


National Patch Day echoes of unity and empowerment linger on, inspiring individuals to continue championing the cause that lies at the heart of this commemoration. It is through collective efforts and unwavering dedication that the legacy of National Patch Day endures, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Let this celebration serve as a reminder of the power of community, compassion, and action, propelling us forward with renewed resolve to effect positive change and make a difference in the world.

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