National Pie Day – December 1st

National Pie Day is a delectable celebration that takes place annually on January 23rd. It is a day dedicated to honoring and indulging in the beloved pastry dish that has been a staple of culinary traditions for centuries. National Pie Day provides a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the artistry and cultural significance of pies, as well as to explore the multitude of flavors and variations that exist.

In this article, we will delve into the history and significance of National Pie Day, explore popular pie varieties, discover fun ways to celebrate, learn tips and techniques for making the perfect pie, explore events and activities related to the day, highlight its potential for fundraising, and ultimately embrace the joy that this special day brings to pie enthusiasts worldwide.

1. Introduction to National Pie Day

What is National Pie Day?

Ah, National Pie Day, is the most delicious day of the year! But what exactly is it? Well, National Pie Day is a special celebration dedicated to the beloved pastry-filled treat that brings joy to our taste buds and warmth to our hearts. It’s a day to indulge in the buttery, flaky goodness that is pie and appreciate the artistry that goes into creating these delectable desserts.

Origins of National Pie Day

You might be wondering how National Pie Day came to be. Well, it all started with a group of passionate pie enthusiasts who wanted to share their love for this scrumptious dessert with the world. They believed that pies deserved their own special day, a day to be celebrated and devoured without guilt. And so, in the early 1980s, National Pie Day was born, thanks to the American Pie Council. Since then, January 23rd has been designated as the official day to honor the wonderful world of pies.

2. The History and Significance of National Pie Day

The Evolution of Pie-Making Traditions

Pie-making is an ancient culinary art that has been passed down through generations. From the early days of using hot stones to bake crusts, to the invention of pastry dough and the development of endless filling options, pies have come a long way. They have been a staple of many cultures, representing comfort, celebration, and tradition. The evolution of pie-making traditions showcases the creativity and versatility of this timeless dessert.

The Birth of National Pie Day

National Pie Day wasn’t just created for the love of pie, but also to preserve the historical significance of this cherished dessert. By designating a day to celebrate pies, the American Pie Council aims to promote awareness and appreciation for the rich heritage and cultural importance of pies in our society. Pie is so delicious we celebrate it twice a year. The more popular date is January 23rd.

The Significance of Pie in Different Cultures

Pies have been an integral part of various cultures around the world. From the British love affair with savory meat pies to the all-American apple pie, every culture has its own unique take on this beloved dessert. Pies have been used to celebrate holidays, commemorate special occasions, and bring communities together. They hold a special place in our hearts and stomachs, filling us with nostalgia and creating lasting memories.

3. Popular Pie Varieties Celebrated on National Pie Day

Fruit Pies

When it comes to pie, fruit varieties steal the show. From the classic and timeless apple pie to the tangy and refreshing key lime pie, fruit pies offer a burst of flavor that is hard to resist. With a buttery crust and a juicy, fruity filling, these pies are the epitome of sweet perfection.

Cream Pies

If you’re looking for something a little more indulgent, cream pies are the way to go. Think silky smooth chocolate cream pie, dreamy coconut cream pie, or velvety banana cream pie. These luscious creations are made with a rich, creamy filling and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. They are the ultimate comfort food in pie form.

Savory Pies

Pies aren’t just for dessert! Savory pies have their own special place in the pie-loving community. From hearty chicken pot pie to savory shepherd’s pie, these pies are filled with savory fillings like meat, vegetables, and creamy sauces. They offer a satisfying and delicious meal that will leave you wanting seconds.

Regional and Cultural Pie Specialties

Across the globe, pies have taken on various forms and flavors, reflecting the unique culinary traditions of different regions. In Australia, the meat-filled Aussie pie is a national treasure. In the Southern United States, you’ll find the irresistible pecan pie. And let’s not forget the delicate and flaky French apple tart. These regional and cultural pie specialties add diversity and intrigue to the world of pies.

Pie Recipes

Fruit pies are delightful and versatile desserts that can be made with various fruits. Here are a few delicious fruit pie recipes for you to try:

Classic Apple Pie


  • 6-7 cups of thinly sliced, peeled apples (such as Granny Smith)
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
  • 1-2 sheets of store-bought pie crust


  1. Preheat your oven to 425°F (220°C).
  2. In a large bowl, combine the sliced apples, sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and lemon juice. Toss until the apples are evenly coated.
  3. Roll out one pie crust and place it in a pie dish. Fill it with the apple mixture and dot the top with butter.
  4. Cover the pie with the second rolled-out pie crust. Seal the edges and cut slits in the top crust to vent.
  5. Optionally, brush the top crust with a little milk and sprinkle sugar for a golden finish.
  6. Place the pie on a baking sheet (to catch any drips) and bake for 45-55 minutes, or until the crust is golden and the filling is bubbling. If the crust starts browning too quickly, cover the edges with foil.
  7. Let the pie cool before serving.

Classic Blueberry Pie


  • 4 cups fresh blueberries
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • 1-2 sheets of store-bought pie crust


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C).
  2. In a bowl, gently mix the blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice, and lemon zest until the berries are coated.
  3. Roll out one pie crust and place it in a pie dish. Pour in the blueberry mixture.
  4. Cover the pie with the second rolled-out pie crust. Seal the edges and cut slits in the top crust for ventilation.
  5. Optionally, brush the top crust with milk and sprinkle sugar for a golden appearance.
  6. Place the pie on a baking sheet and bake for 45-50 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and the filling is bubbly.
  7. Allow the pie to cool before serving.

Feel free to experiment with different fruits like peach, cherry, raspberry, or mixed berries to create your favorite fruit pies. Enjoy baking!

4. Fun Ways to Celebrate National Pie Day

Hosting a Pie-Making Party

Gather your friends, family, and fellow pie enthusiasts for a pie-making extravaganza! Spend the day rolling out dough, concocting delicious fillings, and sharing tips and tricks. It’s a chance to bond over a shared love for pies and create some mouthwatering masterpieces together.

Pie Tasting and Judging Contest

Put your taste buds to the test by organizing a pie-tasting and judging contest. Have participants bring their best pie creations and let the friendly competition begin. From flakiness to flavor, each pie can be evaluated and voted on. Just remember, it’s all in good fun, and everyone gets to enjoy an abundance of pie!

Pie-Inspired Games and Activities

Turn your National Pie Day celebration into a pie-themed extravaganza with games and activities inspired by this delightful dessert. From pie-eating contests to pie trivia quizzes, there are plenty of ways to inject some fun into your pie-filled day. Just be prepared for some sugar-induced laughter and messy faces.

So mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate National Pie Day in all its buttery, flaky glory. Whether you’re a fruit pie fanatic or a cream pie connoisseur, this is your day to indulge in the sweet and savory world of pies. So grab a fork, dig in, and let the pie-filled festivities begin!

5. The Art of Making the Perfect Pie: Tips and Techniques

Selecting the Right Pie Crust

Making a pie from scratch is an art form, and one of the most important elements is the crust. The crust can make or break your pie, so it’s crucial to select the right type. Whether you prefer a flaky pastry crust or a buttery graham cracker crust, choose one that complements the flavors of your filling. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different crust recipes to find your perfect match.

Mastering Pie Fillings and Toppings

The filling is where the magic happens in a pie. Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves a classic apple pie or a risk-taker who enjoys unique flavor combinations like chocolate and peanut butter, mastering pie fillings is essential. Experiment with different fruits, spices, and sweeteners to create your signature filling. And don’t forget to top it off with a dollop of whipped cream or a sprinkle of crumbly streusel for that extra touch of deliciousness.

Baking and Presentation Tips

Baking a pie to perfection requires patience and a few tricks up your sleeve. To avoid a soggy bottom crust, preheat your oven and place the pie on the bottom rack. If the edges brown too quickly, cover them with aluminum foil. And when it comes to presentation, don’t underestimate the power of a beautifully crimped crust or a lattice pattern on top. Remember, we eat with our eyes first, so make your pie as visually appealing as it is tasty.

6. National Pie Day Events and Activities

Local Pie Festivals and Competitions

What better way to celebrate National Pie Day than by attending a local pie festival or competition? Get a taste of the best pies in your area and maybe even enter yourself for a chance to win. These events are not only a treat for your taste buds but also a fun way to connect with your community and fellow pie enthusiasts.

Pie-Baking Workshops and Classes

If you’ve always wanted to learn the art of pie-making, National Pie Day is the perfect opportunity to do so. Look for pie-baking workshops or classes in your area where experienced bakers will teach you the secrets to creating mouthwatering pies. You’ll gain valuable skills and take home a delicious pie to enjoy.

Pie Charity Drives and Community Events

National Pie Day is all about spreading joy, and what better way to do that than by participating in pie charity drives and community events? Bake pies for local shelters, hospitals, or schools to bring smiles to those who need it most. Or, organize a pie-eating contest or a pie-throwing fundraiser where the proceeds go toward a worthy cause. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

7. National Pie Day: A Delicious Opportunity for Fundraising

Fundraising Ideas Using Pies

Pies are not only delicious but also great tools for fundraising. Organize a pie sale at your workplace or in your community and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice. You can also offer pie slices as incentives for donations or use pies as prizes in raffles or auctions. The possibilities are as endless as the flavors of pie!

Collaborating with Local Bakeries and Restaurants

Team up with local bakeries and restaurants to make National Pie Day even more delicious. Many establishments are happy to participate in community events and charity drives. Arrange partnerships where a portion of the sales from pies on National Pie Day goes to a chosen cause. It’s a win-win situation for businesses and the community.

Promoting Pie Sales for a Cause

Spread the word about your pie sales and fundraising efforts using social media, flyers, and word of mouth. Highlight the flavors and the charitable aspect of the event to attract pie-lovers and philanthropists alike. With a little promotion, you’ll have more people indulging in pie and contributing to a worthy cause.

In Short

National Pie Day is not just about enjoying a slice of your favorite pie. It’s about coming together as a community, celebrating the art of pie-making, and using this delicious treat to make a positive impact. Whether you’re baking pies at home, attending events, or participating in charity drives, embrace the joy that National Pie Day brings.

With every bite, you’re indulging in a sweet treat and creating a meaningful experience. So grab a fork, savor the flavors, and let National Pie Day remind you of life’s simple, delectable pleasures.

National Pie Day is a delightful celebration that allows us to appreciate the delicious and versatile world of pies. From sweet fruit pies to savory delicacies, this annual event brings people together to enjoy the art of pie-making and indulge in its mouthwatering flavors.

Whether you choose to bake your own pies, participate in community events, or simply savor a slice from your favorite bakery, National Pie Day offers a chance to embrace the joy that comes with this timeless culinary tradition. So, mark your calendars for January 23rd, and let’s celebrate National Pie Day with enthusiasm and a fork in hand!

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1. When is National Pie Day celebrated?

National Pie Day is celebrated annually on January 23rd. It is a designated day to honor the joy and deliciousness of pies.

2. What is the significance of National Pie Day?

National Pie Day holds cultural and culinary significance as it recognizes the art of pie-making and the enjoyment that pies bring to people of all ages. It allows individuals to indulge in their favorite pie flavors and explore new variations, as well as encourages community engagement through events and activities.

3. Are there specific types of pies associated with National Pie Day?

National Pie Day celebrates the vast variety of pies, including fruit pies, cream pies, and savory pies. There are no strict rules or limitations on the types of pies you can enjoy on this day. It is an opportunity to embrace your personal preferences and discover new and unique pie creations.

4. How can I participate in National Pie Day?

You can participate in National Pie Day in various ways. Consider baking your favorite pie at home, organizing a pie-making party with friends and family, attending local pie festivals or workshops, or supporting pie-related fundraising events in your community. You can also simply visit your local bakery or pie shop to savor a slice of pie and join in the celebration!

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