Neuralink – BMI Initiative by Elon Musk

​Not much known about it yet, but Neuralink is another Elon Musk’s brainchild, to introduce Brain-Machine Interface (BMIs), for implanting with the human brain. The cryptic startup possibly aims to achieve the following three goals. 

  1. Treating brain injuries and neurological disorders.
  2. Developing a brain-machine interface. 
  3. Making a combination of brain and artificial intelligence. 

Mystery surrounds the project compared to Elon Musk’s earlier projects like Space X, Tesla, and The Boring Company. Its impact on society and human life will be more than all above Elon’s initiatives put together. 

​​The Neuralink Concept 

The concept is expected, like a “wizard hat for the brain. It is like fitting a digital layer or membrane above the cortex by cutting apart the skull to attach it to the brain for its computerization. The Neuralink started in 2016, is working on various Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) options, both invasive and non-invasive, for making the venture a success. 


The invasive option is to remove the skull to attach a hardware device to integrate with the brain for its computerization. It is like a magic cap. 

Non- Invasive 

The non -invasive techniques are:-

  1. Miniaturization
  2. Wireless data communication
  3. Analog to digital signals conversion and compression
  4. Bio-compatibility with the human brain
  5. Installing a powerful microchip. 

The non-invasive, if successful, will push a limited demand for brain surgeons. It will be easy to use technology needing minimal installation complexities. A trained technician will be enough to make it work and train the user. 

The following options for BMI implantation are also under consideration of Neuralink. 

  1.  Silk made brain interface melting into the brain contours.
  2.  Printing an electrode array onto the brain as like a tattoo.
  3.  An inject-able nano neural mesh.
  4.  Reaching a brain through veins and arteries like putting a stent.
  5.  Sprinkling the micro silicon sensors called Neural Dust through the cortex. 
  6.  Controlling the brain through light by a process called Optogenetics

​Brain-machine Interface

The concept is complex than any of Elon’other projects, including SpaceX’s mission to Mars. Making an interface is another thing, but making it compatible with the human brain is a real challenge. It needed a brain training through signals and language. Last year Neuralink claimed to enable a monkey to control a computer with its brain. Developing and refining the product into a marketable, FDA-approved commercial device or procedure is by far a remote reality. 

 Possible Uses of BMI

  1.  Controlling linked (IoT) devices. 
  2.  Its use with the linked devices as an electric keyboard. 
  3.  Accuracy and time-saving in using different machines.
  4.  Telepathy becoming a reality through the mind to mind communication. 
  5.  Keeping control over mood swings and temperament shifts. 
  6.  Improving the speed of brain learning. 
  7.  Making interaction with Neural medicinal actions and reactions. 


The downside is that, what if the computer crashes, software corrupts, or system hacked? These questions do have weight. Can people be willing to bear such gigantic risks? Do they need to put their lives at such a severe risk where they could end up into a Living Corpse if such risk happens a reality? 

It is a step towards developing a super machine like the terminator. The human race is fast on the path of self-destruction. Technology is a blessing if used by the positives minds in a positive way for the positive results. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more sophisticated. Soon it will surpass the ability and speed of the human mind. Making an interaction between AI and the human mind has nothing wrong with it if used for the welfare of the human race. It can boost the brain’s capabilities by enhancing the capacity of mind, treating diseases, and exploring the other areas beneficial for mankind. 


The computerization of the human mind, if achieved, can be a blessing for treating many of the brain and neurological disorders. Moving further, it can also cure many psychological problems like depression, addiction, and brain, spinal cord related defects. It could enable a quadriplegic person to control a bionic limb.

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