Safe Vaccination

“A drop for life” is what vaccination safely can be termed. A vaccine is a biological product produced out of killed orgasm for acquiring immunization against a certain disease. The vaccination is a process through which it is administered. It can be given by mouth, needle injection, or by aerosol. But purpose remains the same to immunize the babies or to individuals who recently recovered from a disease.

Usually, these are given to children against common viral disease to eliminate or at least reduce the risk of an attack of such diseases in the future. In that way vaccination work as a shield against viral diseases.

The vaccines are developed after a lot of research, experimentation, and ensuring safety, effectiveness, and sure results. Caring and curing a child is not rocket science. Each and every mom (even in animals) inherently know the basics of bringing up their offsprings. It is in their instinct.

But every evolving medical science is something difficult to understand for every layman like a common household mother. She, therefore, has to depend upon the latest medical help available for the safety of her child. So keen and caring parents should consider the following reasons as to why and how the baby should be vaccinated.

1- Avoid self medication

If there is any issue prior to or post-vaccination, try not to address it yourself. Some parents give paracetamol to remedy post-vaccination fever. But it is not advised.

2- Vaccinate to healthy baby

Beware that baby is in full health at the time of administering the vaccination. Please consult your doctor first in case the baby has any health issues. It can increase the chances of a reaction or allergy. But it does not mean to cause an inordinate delay in vaccine schedules.

3- Reaction Handling

Most vaccines are safe and carefully tested for effectiveness. Still, some vaccines can cause a reaction, redness, pain, side effect, and other adverse issues.

In such cases immediately stop vaccinating.

Consult your pediatrician to resume only if advised after thorough check up.

4- Adhere Schedule

The most important factor to ensure effectiveness of vaccine is to strictly adhere schedule.

There is always a logic behind fixing vaccine schedules. It is not a random activity. Avoid to prove you a “super-scientist” by adjusting schedules to your convenience.

5- Keep in Touch with Doctor

Never put your doctor out of vaccination picture, even if your baby is being given the vaccination at the doorstep by the Govt. appointed field teams as is in case of polio vaccination in our country.

You need to note down every dose and to bring it in the notice of your pediatrician for his better understanding of the case in case of need.

The basic purpose of vaccination is to immunize your baby, to provide strength to fight against the disease. There are many diseases that were claiming even lives in the past. Polio is one classic example that has been successfully controlled by vaccination.

After spending billions on research the highly safe and effective vaccines have been produced, having no side effects.

So it is your time now to ponder to vaccinate your baby as it is blessing, not a hassle.

.The writer (Miss. Urza Umar Chahal) is a freelancer blog, content, and copywriter, and an accredited motivational speaker and trainer.

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