Smile a While

A smile is the universal welcome

Max Eastman

Smile a while

Who can dare contradict Max Eastman?; when the adage is a time-tested fact that everyone has personally experienced in their daily lives? A smile is the prettiest curve that beautifies your face. Navigate the path of positivity with an adorable smile every single second. A smiling face reflects self-confidence and encourages others to interact with a reciprocal smile. Smiling helps relieve stress, relax your muscles, and keep you happy and healthy. Following are some more perks of a smile.


An affectionate smile immediately draws the attention of other people. A smiling face encourages one to believe in the person. We feel at ease with smiling faces, whether known or strangers. A smile brings people closer when it comes to trusting them. It is a symbol of empathy. Remember that empathy and trust are keystone elements of healthy social bonding. Trust is the key to a relationship, and a smile opens the door to a relationship.

Anti stress

Pile up your anti-stress pills and throw them away in the wastebasket in the far corner of a room, the best space to fill in with this junk. We have got another medicated solution for your depression. That is a beautiful, lively, simple smile. Stress leads to severe health and mental problems. A simple smile releases endorphins which minimizes the stress hormones.


What goes around, that comes around! Usually, most people smile back, and it helps in spreading positive vibes. It is a universal language, even among the folks unable to speak the language of each other. The smile on your face is a joyful experience for others that keeps them cool and close to you the whole day. A happy person keeps his surroundings cheerful, and the chain of healthy life will live around. This way, you help to create a peaceful, healthy, and happy society. That is in itself an act of benevolence. 

Look younger

A cute smile relaxes your muscles, and you look more beautiful and younger than your age. After applying a layer of foundation and expensive lipstick, it becomes necessary to wear a smile. A look in the mirror will astound you with the before and after effects of the smile. Why not always have this supernatural and free-of-cost makeup on the face than keeping a stiff and angry look?  


Have you ever noted that we get allergic to an always rigid and annoying person? People follow a leader who stays easy and keeps smiling. A smile makes their followers trust them. Let us spread happiness around! Introverts alone can afford the luxury of being aloof. 


Nobody feels comfortable with boring people. It is like a pandemic everybody needs to avoid. A person with a smile appears to be lively, enjoying life as it is and making himself acceptable for others to enjoy their company. That is your success as a social figure. It is but an asset you develop without an investment.

Mood booster

Are you gloomy, angry, tired, or dejected? Just try an always-free medication. It is a bit difficult but try! Try it again because it is so simple, scientifically proven, and superb. Pulling the muscles horizontally stretched is not a cumbersome yoga “assan.” How is your mood now? A bit better, relaxed, and pumped up. Isn’t it?

Be more approachable

Do you want to become the center of attention? A warmly welcomed and respected personality? An admirable creature loved by others. A smile is the simplest way to make yourself the focal point in any situation. People feel easy communicating with a smiling face. A stiff angry look at your face can only shed them away.

Enhanced creativity

The smile works wonders, with muscles soothing your entire body and mind. A peaceful calm mind is the right place to generate innovative ideas. Productivity comes as a byproduct of a relaxing mind. On a larger scale, it can lead you to fame. Tame yourself to smile, save from spoiling.

Improve productivity

What is productivity? The better sense of working, doing the work accurately, in the minimum possible time, and meeting the desired quality norms. Can it be expected from an angry, sadist person who thinks himself a substance of no use? Smiling boosts your inner energy to stimulate your productivity.

Boost immune system

Smiling is a lifeline for your overall physical health to boost the functionality and effectiveness of your immune system. Medical experts believe that a smile helps the release of certain neurotransmitters. Try it yourself if you have any doubts. It carries no side effects. 

Blood pressure relief

Anger means inviting your blood pressure to shoot. Smiling is a sure relief from high blood pressure. Laughter is the best medicine. It keeps your body relieved from reasons to boost your blood pressure. Easy to experiment. Be a smiling face and keep checking your blood pressure at home. You have all the right to revert to your “angry bird” lifestyle if the outcome is otherwise. 

Relief to pain

Medical science believes that endorphins and serotonin are natural pain relievers. These brain chemicals send feel-good signals from head to toe. Relief from pain boosts your mood to feel light and relaxed.

Still an impressionless blank face? What’s wrong with you! my sadist buddy? I am not charging you a consultancy fee. Be happy! it is free. And the bonus is that you need not visit the pharmacy to buy costly medicines. That rests in your facial muscles. Do you like that?….. It works dear! Look in the mirror and see it yourself. It always works and works well! Ahaaa, Give it a try!


Urza Omar
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