Smile a While

A smile is the universal welcome

Max Eastman

Who can dare to contradict with Max Eastman? When the fact is all time-proven and everybody has directly experienced it in everyday life. A smile is the prettiest curve on a face. Navigate your every single second to the path of positivity with a pretty smile. A smiling face is friendly for others with boosted morale inside and an attraction for people to interact with. Smiling helps in relieving stress, make your muscles relaxed, and keep you happy and healthy. More benefits of smiles are shared by our writer.


We get attracted to the ones who keep an affectionate smile whenever we look at them. It’s observed that a genuine smile encourages us to believe in the other person. We feel at home with the person carrying a smile on a face, either our blood relations or strangers. Certainly, a smile does bring people closer when it comes to trust as its a symbol of empathy. Don’t forget, empathy and trust are very important elements of healthy social bonding. Trust is the key to a relationship and smiles open the door of relationship.

Anti Stress

Pile up your anti-stress pills and throw them out of the window or the wastebasket in the corner of a room is the best space to fill in with this junk. We have got another medicated solution for your depression. Stress leads to serious health and mental problem. A simple smile releases endorphin which minimizes the stress hormones.


What goes around that comes around! Usually, most of the people smile back and it helps in spreading positive vibes. It is a universal language even among the folks unable to speak each other’s language. Energy never ends, it keeps on transforming in different ways taking new shapes. A smile is like never-ending energy, you once gave to a person can help in making their whole day amazing. Similarly, their good mood will make their surroundings better and a chain of healthy life will keep going on. This way you know how much you are contributing towards creating and peaceful, healthy society in your surroundings? This is a big act of benevolence.  


A cute smile relaxes your muscles and you look younger than your age and more beautiful. After putting a layer of foundation and expensive lipstick, it gets a must to carry a smile along. Trust me with this, a look in the mirror will amaze you with the before and after effect of the smile. Why haven’t this supernatural cool makeup at the otherwise angry face?   


Its too often that we get allergic to a person who stays serious, rigid, and annoying every time. People follow the leader who stays easy and keeps smiling. A smile makes their followers trust them. Let spread happiness around !. Introverts alone can afford the luxury of being aloof.  


Nobody feels comfortable with boring people. It is a spreadable disease everybody needs to avoid. A smiling face conveys a person being lively, enjoying life as it is, and making himself acceptable for others to adore their company. That is the success to be an asocial figure.

Mood Booster

Are you gloomy, angry, tired, or dejected? Just try free medication. Though is difficult for a man like you but try, try it as it is so easy, pulling the muscles if you’re a little horizontally is not a much more difficult yoga ‘aason”. Hows your mood now? A bit relaxed and pumped up. Isn’t it?

Be more approachable

Want to become a focus of people? A warmly welcoming personality? An admirable creature loved by others. A smile is the easiest thing to make your central figure where you go. People feel easy in communicating with a smiling face. A stiff face can only shed them away.

Enhanced creativity

It is for sure the smile plays a miracle with muscles comforting your whole body and mind. A peaceful, cool mind is a fit place where ideas are generated. Creativity is then a by-product of a little smile. On a larger scale, it can lead you to fame. So tame yourself to smile, saving you to spoil.


What is productivity? The better sense of working, doing the right work, accurately, in minimum possible time, and meeting the desired quality norms. Can it be expected from an angry, sadist person who thinks himself a substance of no use? Smile boosts your inner energy that stimulates your productivity.

Still an impression less blank face? What’s wrong my sadist? I have not told you any of my consultancy fees. Be happy it is all free. And the bonus is that you need to go to a pharmacy to buy costly medicine. All is to pull your few facial muscles. Yes like that….. It works dear, Come come in front of the mirror and see it yourself, it works, Ahaaa, it works….


Miss. Urza Umar Chahal is a freelancer blog, content, and copywriter and an accredited motivational speaker and trainer.


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