Third-Party Cookies – Welcome to post cookies world

Third-party cookies have almost become an integral feature of every website. It is hard to find a company not using them. Every sort of digital device, phone, tablet, and computer stores them. These are not items on the HI-Tea table but still, have the title of cookies. These are small text files to keep track of browsing activities on websites.

Third-party cookies are small software files that keep on following people from site to site. The reason behind tracking people is to gather data about their surfing behavior, preferences, and choices. This is a method of recording the browsing habits of people. The data is then used for marketing, sales, and consumer experience.

Say goodbye to the malicious thing as they are now about to go away. 

Google’s going to stop third-party cookies

In January 2020, Google decided to phase out support for third-party cookies by the start of 2022. Cookies are used to collect consumers’ data by seeking their explicit consent. It is definitely a privacy concern. That’s why businesses need to find a bit more privacy-conscious mechanism to gather and share consumer data.

The browsers are already conscious of these privacy concerns. Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox, block third-party cookies by default. The operating system and apps of Apple observe limits on data collection and sharing without users’ explicit consent. 

Google is now next to join the club. Google’s search engine is holding more than 90% of the cyberspace search market. Google’s decision to block Third Party Cookies has its own significance.  January 2022 is just a year away. It is high time for business leaders to evaluate the situation and make the plans for post cookie more privacy-conscious digital world.  

Game Changer

The end of third-party cookies is not the end of the world for advertisers. Working on new business models and technologies has already started to support the companies and advertisers having respect for privacy concerns. Nothing is yet clear about the new models but one thing is certain marketing and sales options will have to stay, survive and even multiply.

Large players like social media companies are working on more sophisticated marketing. Small platforms will have their own small to medium size markets with new options. There might be a wave of business failures. Almost every significant website is using cookies now. Many will have to shift to new technologies, some will resist and many will fall.

The rule of the game will be rewritten from the scratch. Survival will be for the fittest able to fast adapt to the upcoming changes. To make sure that businesses in changed scenario remain in the competition, the following suggestions can help:-

Becoming self-sufficient. 

Having no access to third-party data, the companies ask for more data from customers. Your customer must have confidence that you are respecting his privacy. Only then can a customer share more data. Give away and loyalty programs can also be a way to attract customers to share more data.

The businesses have to re-align the data collection rules and improve their staff skills for the collection and safety of data. Companies can make data-sharing arrangements with other businesses having similar interests. This will give birth to a sector of business syndication.

Be part of the digital explosion. 

The Covid pandemic helped the digital economy to survive and flourish. It is but just the start of the new digital game. The new on-demand economy is emerging. It has surely risen to new heights. The point is that are you part of it? Think about how new startups and the growing digital world is offering opportunities for next-level digital marketing and sales. New strategies are evolving. Be part of it be left apart.

Know the Boundaries

It looks like advertiser Platform companies will create their own self-contained digital markets within defined boundaries. These can be the places defined by similar interests, market sectors, or people interest groups. The companies need to know which is the place best for them to play.

The post-cookie era is knocking at that door. The technological breakthrough is going to change the digital economy in the blink of an eye. The survival of the business is in pacing up with the move and developing strategies to adapt to the upcoming changes in digital marketing and sales scenarios.

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

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