Uncertainty Drives the Entrepreneur

Success has a price. A successful entrepreneur is not the product of circumstances alone but by the accurate direction, dedicated hard work, and exploring the unexplored. It is not a phenomenon in isolation, but a struggle among the society where others come, click, succeed, and fail. An entrepreneur is a person able to think out of the box, paving his way forward while avoiding the beaten tracks. Things for him are never that much easy. Especially in times of troubles and uncertainties, even the legends feel lonely in addressing the challenges ahead.

Business is a fast and ever-changing activity responding to the effects caused by knowledge, technology upgrade, and changing patterns of customers’ choice and taste. An entrepreneur has to consider all these factors for setting the direction of its venture. Only the visionary Entrepreneur can stand to difficult times to tell another success story to the aspiring lot. The following traits of an Entrepreneur are the yardstick to measure his ability to pass through the dark path of uncertainty. 


The troubles are always not an abrupt incident. Things start changing slowly, having no immediate lousy effect on the leadership’s routine operations and management patterns. The management fails to understand the situation’s emerging gravity and fails to adopt the necessary measure to make a conducive counterproductive plan. The burden of routine operations does not allow them to understand emerging threats. Keeping the emergency planning in hand can serve as a savior. 

The leaders must keep them ready for the uncalled for hazards and exigencies and have plans to avert the possible damage. The best way to tackle the unforeseen is to keep your team ready for the challenges by making it the cultural practice across your organization. Introducing the staff’s foresight training can help change the team’s vision and thought pattern, enabling them to understand tunes well before the bell starts ringing. It will be a challenge to adopt at the start but can be a shield against the uncertainty. 

Action NOT Reaction

People react against the odds. But offense is always a better defense. Entrepreneurs do not afford to let it happen with them. They have to plan for the unforeseen, uncertain, and unwanted circumstances. They have to come up with a unique idea, a new startup needing the whole new planning. No possible loophole can be left unattended. Experiences and past learnings have little to support in uncertain times. The solutions hide in the novel thinking and the out of box ideas. Planning can only help if coupled with immediate action. The delayed action indeed minimizes its impact just like the “justice delayed, justice denied.”

​Empower Team

Success is not a solo flight. It is the bi-product of the well-thought-of teamwork in the right direction. The Entrepreneur is a leader who motivates his team to subscribe to his idea with deep dedication. A motivated, trusted and the empowered team can create miracles. Getting out of the storm is only possible if the team’s combined power surpasses the threat’s gravity. The team can only be activated against the uncertain if you have provided the space by motivation, empowering with the decentralized authority and incentives wait for them at the end of the struggle. 

​​Deliver Value

The Entrepreneur is not just another businessman eyeing on the success of his business to multiply his fortune. He is in the role of leader to create and share value in his selected industry or field of action. It is a value to be created and shared first with his team and after with customers and society. Transferring value alone is the parameter on which a startup can be measured fruitful for the target community. Once you give people something new, something unique, people not only love it but protect it and proudly keep its ownership for delivering around and popularizing among their circles. Sooner or later, the value emerges into a brand. That is the ultimate success of an Entrepreneur. 

​​Ride the Tide

Uncertainty is an opportunity. The Entrepreneur does not waste time in cashing it. The adverse changes put a bar on established routines. It is time now to explore the action next. Change alone is constant. It stimulates the next transition, the change of mind, change of thought, change of action, and pattern to deal with the volatile circumstances. 

The adversity pushes the people to abandon many of their everyday needs, but new requirements emerge from the crisis. The Entrepreneur takes the lead in receiving the advance signals. Smart Entrepreneurs rocket high their earnings when traditional businesses start closing and bankrupting. Ride the tide of change and enjoy surfing the storm.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay  

Umar Hayat
  • Umar Hayat
  • The author has rich management exposure in banking, textile, and teaching in business administration.