Viruses & Antiviruses in Human Nature

The word Antivirus is used to tackle any negative force that is influencing your system, performance & process. The article symbolically considers humans as computers & the negativity among humans is a virus. Well, the computer has a hard drive and we have a brain. The computer has RAM to speed up its working and we have the passion and persistence to do so. Thoughts, passions, instincts, and characteristics are viruses & antiviruses in human nature that live in the brain and the heart.

Computers have a screen to show the result of all the inputs. We however convey the message orally and through our body language. Computers have USB plugs to transfer data from one device to another. Whereas we do the same through networking, communication, learning, and interacting with each other. The Computer has an antivirus to secure its system against all the negative forces operating against it from outside & inside. Humans too have antivirus against negativity around them.

The Viruses in Human Nature

There are a lot of negative forces operating around and within us. They are just there to infect our internal system which is our brain, heart & beliefs. Our life is prone to be infected by these viruses. Let us spare a moment and try to know all these viruses and the possible antivirus against them.

Everyone suffers in life but wise people always turn negativity into positivity. Fighting against negativity is one thing but taming it into an opportunity is entirely another skill. Knowing the Viruses and antiviruses in Human Nature can help us overcome the viruses affecting our persona.

“Don’t do this”

Children do anything they want, they love and like. That is the fearless age the elders and parents keep telling and compelling to go by the “not-to-do list”. This attitude is putting an embargo on their learning through their own experiences to try new things themselves. Why not give them space to learn, interact, and get firsthand knowledge of all new things?

The “Don’t do this” virus is fatal for their future. These sorts of interference make them shy of facing the odds. The biggest responsibility is for parents to allow their children to face new experiences. Let them play, let them fall, let them meet people, let them experience hunger. Allow them to cry, and let them try everything at an early age. This will make them fearless. The fear factor is a virus that parents can kill by installing an antivirus of fearlessness in their kids at an early age.

Career Pressures

Parents surely love their children but knowingly or unknowingly sometimes act as viruses too. They expect their children to fulfill their dreams rather than estimating and examining the potential of their kids. In our part of the world, parents follow the fashion thinking. They wish to launch their kids as Doctors, and in the worst case, the compromise is on Engineering.

A good antivirus in this case can be your mental strength to make decisions and convince them of your interest. Even talking to a teacher who you think can guide you better can be a good option. Always do what you love to do, but only on the basis that you really have the relevant qualities. Only your liking will not work if you lack the necessary skills and expertise.

You are Worthless

Let me narrate a personal experience of mine at school. I was poor in math and was bullshit for the limitation. The teachers who were supposed to help out and motivate me were apt at discouraging me. Another virus infected me whereas a little encouragement could have finely worked as an antivirus.

Not an admirable point but some of the teachers surely serve as viruses too. They are not as mature as a teacher should be but influence the students because of their position. In my experience, I know teachers who at their level never set a good example of teaching. They keep on discouraging the students in one way or another. In some cases even bull shit without any valid reason.

The purpose is to make a smokescreen to hide their inabilities. No one can be equally good at everything. If a student is weak in a particular subject, the visionary teacher should explore his/her other strong points. The teacher must not depress the students by focusing on the limitations. Students need to develop strong antiviruses against such threats by polishing and grooming their strong points.

Friends OR Foes

In my college days, I had a circle of friends who could easily be labeled as carefree students. Bunking classes were fun. Extra-curricular activities are however an escape. The only missing thing in our lives was perhaps the academics, which we were happy to miss rather than perfect in the art of avoiding academics.

Again it was a Virus and an antivirus could have been an informal way of teaching rather than stuffing our minds with line-to-line textbooks. The University time again was no exception. There were herds of “let’s go to the canteen” and “Let’s have fun“ type of friends all around. Such habits again were viruses but no one was there to treat us with anti-viruses of creativity and making the boring academic a fun activity to love.

Brush the Crush

You are in University now, Crushed by the Crush you have on someone. But not getting back the due interest. Well, this is another dangerous virus in your life. It can make or break your emotional life. If you find a good friend it can help you a lot in such a critical situation. You can avoid this virus by rationally analyzing the situation.

A good friend, teacher, or counselor can help you with sincere consultation dozes. These can surely work as antibiotics to get rid of the virus called “crush”. Alternatively, you can try staying alone, giving time to yourself. This will help you think positively about how you can make improvements in your personality to make you attractive, and a center of focus for others.

You will surely emerge into a strong, sensible, loveable creature capable of making your mark on the people around you. Ignored by someone is never the end of life but a chance to change positively. Come out of your comfort zone to explore the world full of opportunities, wider enough beyond your limited imagination. There can be many other challenges for you to take and prove your worth.

Where are the Antiviruses than…

The question is where to find an antivirus. Hold, please! It is not an uphill task. The parents if watchful can be a big blessing. Then the teachers, if they know the art of teaching. But now if you are grown up at the University level, then it is up to you to decide where to find your anti-virus.

The good books, movies, trainers, mentors, the world is full of it and you can find one if willing to have one. Let us get attuned to Viruses and antiviruses in Human Nature. Only awareness can lead us to find a suitable antivirus for a specific virus in our nature. For example, humbleness alone can help to get rid of the stubbornness.

 If there is a will, there is a way

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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