Welcome – 2021 (Facing COVID-19 Disruptions)

Every new year brings with it a plethora of “How to Start New Year” recipes and a long list of “never fulfilled” new year resolutions. The Covid-19 disruptions this time are making it difficult to go out for outdoor activities. The chances of selecting new year’s resolutions remain limited.

Some of the hottest-ever recipes are as follows:-

  1. Travel to “MUST VISIT” places
  2. Land into a new hobby 
  3. Meet family elders 
  4. Starting a workout
  5. Read Best Books
  6. Watch Best Movies
  7. Hunt a new job.
  8. Master a new skill
  9. Foster career
  10. Plan your physical fitness

What to Do?

But the year 2021 is not a usual “happy-go-marry” new year. This year is a bit different loaded with bitter memories of COVID-19, which still bites bitterly. The pace of the pandemic pacified but the COVID-19 disruptions remain intact. Most of the new year resolutions and year-start “recipes” are no more in fashion. Social distancing is the mantra of the day, barring many prone to socializing activities.

The restrictions are the order of the day that hit on your plans. Your priorities and targets are not the same as those were in the past. The ongoing ordeal spreading over a year has changed everything around. Life has an intensive shift, asking for adjusting to the new normal. Your future goals need to be aligned with the compulsions of the changed circumstances. There is nothing to mourn. Life still is beautiful and full of charm. There remains much to try to give a big push to the new year. The only thing you need is to have a positive mindset. 

Live With Limitations

Focus on what you have in hand. Forget about your losses. Something gone means that other things remain. Concentrate on what is intact, what you can save, and what you can remake. For granted is never an eternal reality. Things change, and so is your liberty, freedom, and authority to do things your way. Chalk out a list of achievable goals. The goals you can easily accomplish through the challenges of 2021. This will give you a feeling of having control over the doable. This could include:

  • Read a bit before sleep.
  • Fix your daily sleep time.
  • Early morning walk or in-home workout
  • Regular Zoom / Skype meetings with your loved ones. 
  • Strict work schedules. 
  • Watch Classic Movies on weekends.
  • “I have no issues” is your new slogan for life.
  • “My home needs me” is the heading of your activity planner. 
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Home Office 

The Home Office is not a new concept. The pandemic caused us to rediscover reality. You are bound to work from home. Make an arrangement to fix things to run your home office. Learning more about the ways that your company and for that matter, your industry is adapting. Keep yourself abreast of techno-trends, innovations, news stories, and other relevant issues. The knowledge can only support you in crisis. Informed expert decisions alone can empower your actions against the odds. 

Learn New Skills

You have now enough time for new activities. The time you were commuting to and from the office, the time you were spending outside with friends, is your time to use for learning new skills. YouTube and many other free tutorial websites are your new teachers and classrooms that do not charge a single penny. Think about skill and you have plenty of resources to fulfill your dreams. I have learned WordPress and SEO and launched the Mind Classic venture at the peak of COVID-19. Many of you can do much better things, than a 60-year-old man like me.

Restrict Social Media

Social media is a great source of information. At the same time, it is a greater source of disinformation as well. It is an information black hole that swallows you deeper and deeper as much as you remain stuck. It is the worst time-killing tool. Spoil hours and hours of your precious time digging down on social media apps, only to emerge with disappointment. Time is money that you must not spend cheaply on cheaper “entertainment”. The pandemic hit the start of 2021 and provides an opportunity to reassess your social media relationship. The tips below can help in getting rid of addiction. 

  • Get away with all social media app icons from the home screen of your smartphone.
  • Reserve a predefined time quota for social media, only to abide by it like a religious ritual. 
  • Unfollow all connections that do not add value to your purposeful learning. 
  • Use a social media time management app for scheduling your online time. 
  • Stop using the phone in bed, or replace it with a book.
  • Better to deactivate your social media accounts at intervals. 

Health is Wealth 

The previous year changed everything about outdoor activities. Health-related activities like walking, jogging, and workout are the worst hit of the pandemic. The stay-at-home compulsion help in putting more weight. You are unknowingly trapped in unhealthy lethargic habits. It will lead to compromising your mental and physical well-being. Working from home does not mean sticking with a laptop screen. Fix a time for indoor physical activities. Better to be an unpaid coach for your family. Doing some aerobics in a team is fun for all to enjoy. 

Update Your Resume

Normalcy has to prevail sooner or later, and the pandemic has to get away. You will be an energetic person to resume a normal life if you are considering my advice to follow. You will be back to a normal routine with a lot of energy, new skills, and unmatched enthusiasm. New opportunities will be waiting for you. It is high time now to update your resume. You need it early then you expect. 

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