Why dental checkups are essential?

Are you proud of your shiny smile, catching eyes to admire your ever white & bright teeth? If so, you need to take extra care to keep it intact by showing a little regular care to your teeth. Point is to understand by everyone that teeth need regular care even if those are not protesting your carefree attitude. Just know some reasons why a sincere, expert dentist waiting for you to visit him regularly.

Better care than cure

Do you think that brushing your teeth twice a day is sufficient care your teeth are needing? Yes you right a bit, it is important but not sufficient. Many issues like decay, cavities, gum problems can be there even if a regular brushing is not missed. Only a check-up can tell you the actual truth about teeth.

Gingivitis Prevention

Regular brushing and flossing help a lot but still bacteria in mouth form tartar & plaque. It grows around the gums & gum lines, increasing the risk of gum infection. It is called Gingivitis, which can lead to periodontics and trench mouth. Timely check-ups and diagnosis can help to avoid and treating issues.

Removing tartar

There are many hidden, dark areas that can not be reached by brush, giving way to plaque building up causing tartar. The delicate dentist tools can help to remove plague keeping dental enamel intact and removing tartar safely through vibrating tools.

Need of X-rays

You are just feeling normal having no issue at all. Not true my friend, the things are cooking inside. The decaying teeth needing a root canal and some other inside issues can only be traced by an X-ray. Why not get one in your leisure time without the start of a pain?


Have you noticed cordless hands-free in the ears of your spouse at sleeping time? Do you really think it is for a music spree dreams? No dear! It is not a sort of cordless hands-free but the earplugs, the remedy to your snoring. Have you got it now why you need to visit a dentist tomorrow? Perhaps he must be taking care of some other so far inactive issues in the mouth. That is booty to your visit.

Digestion Improvement

What digestion has to do with teeth?? Much more as I can tell you. First is the chewing, better chewing of food reduces the load of work for your stomach. Better chewing means that saliva is breaking down carbohydrates in your meal. Stronger teeth alone can do it for you.

Halitosis (bad breath)

The very bad thing about you for people around you is bad breath. It is normally caused by gum diseases. Regular consultation with your trusted dentist is a must to keep your mouth healthy, hygienic, and fresh.

Oral Cancer Screening

Regular check-ups can help the early detection of oral cancer. Early detection means early treatment, more chances of recovery and reduced risk of complications.

When you plan the next visit to your dentist, better to visit a trusted one knowing you and your teeth better for a longer time. After all, you need them till the last day you can chew with them.

Urza Omar
  • Urza Omar
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