Why Introverts Are Great Leaders?

Introverts are often considered antisocial. They are treated unfairly in the Business world under the prejudice that they do not fit in teamwork. They are taken as difficult people to work with them. Their reserved attitude and a bit of shyness are issues that keep them away from networking and active team participation. 

Are the above assessments truly have a reason behind them? On the contrary, the studies show that these are only fake impressions. It is a proven fact that introverts make good leaders. They make a positive impact on business. They prove active team members, rather contribute better than many others. They emerge as strong, mature, and successful leaders like Bill Gates, Marissa Mayer, and Larry Page. They all are exemplary leaders but have one thing in common being tagged as introverts. 

An effective leader necessarily does not mean to be an outspoken, outgoing, vibrant personality to always live in the spotlight. Let us have a look at how the introverts make a gem of the leaders against the popular myth. 


Introverts take more time for thinking and planning as they have more time because of their social inactivity. They believe in different parameters for measuring their success. Usually, success is measured in terms of targets and rewards which have the least appeal for introverts. They are more motivated towards their beliefs. Their success then circles their motivation and not by the rewards and targets. Their perfectionist approach drives them to maintain quality and stay on top. 


Not being talkative, the introverts have more patience in listening, concentrating, and understanding. They only prefer to talk where it is extremely needed. They are considered men of few words and strictly avoid wasting energy in irrelevant discussions. They only ask “the much needed” questions that clarify the issues beyond doubt. This clarity serves as their strength to understand the issue and doing things accurately, aptly, and artfully. 

Decision Makers

Introverts dig deep to understand the job at hand and never spare any effort to get the work done in a highly professional manner. They have a focus on being correct than quick. They normally do not stop on a single solution but keep their alternatives intact. They think well, reach at the solution carefully and repeat it in mind before applying it to the issue. Their decisions are timely, relevant, and accurate that prove more successful than their counterparts. 


The extroverts being more social, waste their precious time and energy in dealing with people in their network. It surely disturbs their focus on the issues. Introverts on the other hand have a lot of time to remain focused on the issue. They keep on thinking from all aspects and reach a more appropriate solution. They save their teams from distractions and lead purposefully. Their concentrated attitude proves a blessing for them, their team, and the business itself. 


Introverts avoid micromanagement. Their approach is holistic. They believe in a single successful decision. They only believe in winning. They give importance to every single member of the team. Introvert leaders provide space and autonomy to team members. They give clear instructions and then avoid interfering during the work in progress. This approach motivates the team to work in peace turning out with winning solutions. They keep an eye on the result and are never lost in details. 

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