Winter Foods – Treat Your Taste Buds

Snow, coffee, socks, blanket, and fog, what image these words build in your mind? December and precisely the winter. Winter is a season of happiness, memories, joys, and health. Half of us can relate most of our memories with winters. Dry fruits, Nutella shake, heaters, fish, and honey. Yes, we are talking about favorite food, a lot of which is available in winter alone. The only summer food we loved was ice cream that too we take more in winter while teeth would crackle with each thanks to the chilled dessert. Here, we sorted a list of foods out of a big pile that you should not stop yourself trying this winter.


Raise your hand if you are a seafood funky. Oh! everyone is in the queue… Now take out that jacket from the hanger and walk to a nearby grocery to buy fish. Fish is a rich source of B12 vitamin. Salmon? its, as delicious as trendy it sounds. An artistically symmetrical fillet of fish can set your health goals straight. To hile up the energy content, cook it in olive oil along with fried or boiled vegetables, like the carrot, and broccoli. keep the menu cherishable throughout winters by switching between a variety of seafood like prawn, crab, and fish.

Buttery Mornings

Cheese burst omelet, lukewarm milk, hot chocolates, and of course, not a lot of them if you don’t want to end up toothless before turning 70. Sugar is an immediate energy booster, so consider adding a teaspoon of the honey to your drinks and desserts. The honey will not only rich your diets but also help to strengthen immunity so you may better fight cold during winter.

Be Bunny

You won’t complain of body fatigue, blur eyesight, and tiredness ever again if you add carrots to your daily meals until the calendar starts sweating in June. Its a very high source of vitamin, fiber, and antioxidants. They are as effective as heavy they sound. Let’s not forget that juices are not the only way to consume it but pies, salads, and desserts as well. Beefsteak or turkey will be the main of winter vacations, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and annual family get together. Serve them all with loads of carrots, either grilled or saute in butter.

Dry Fruits

Won’t be embarrassed if I remind you the day your mom caught you sneaking the peanut butter jar in your room. It’s your time to munch peanuts publicly without fearing the Mom. Nuts are a winter specialty, peanuts, pistachio, walnuts, cashew nuts, and almonds can be your evening snack. Crush them and sprinkle on deserts or mix them with milk to make a smoothie. In any form, they will be extending a big helping hand to health.

These are a few items that we loved to recap the energy deficit during winter. Of course, nature is kind enough to offer a buffet of them with a very nominal cost and a few complimentary. Cereals, tomato, cream of lentil soup, bread, broccoli, and eggs can be a fine addition to the menu. Sip green tea once in a while to cleanse the palette.

Don’t know how to mix and match the meals? Stir your coffee until I write up a perfect winter menu for you.

Image by EstudioWebDoce from Pixabay 

  • Urza Omar
  • The writer is a freelance blogger, content, copywriter, and an accredited motivational speaker and trainer.