Morning Fatigue – Dealing with it the right way

Morning fatigue can prove a threat sign for your health. Body pain, heavy head, sore throat, and puffy and sleepy eyes, are all signs to worry about your health. Start taking care of your health before it comes too late to do what you can do yourself. These are signs of tiredness that can convert to diseases if ignored. So, that is a warning knock at the door.

Still, you have plenty of time. No worries, they are not yet in. Get started with a few healthy rituals to lead a more happy and more cherishable morning. Following are some simple and easy tips that can work wonders for you to celebrate your mornings as an active person. Follow the track to end up the morning fatigue.

“Chronic Fatigue crushes the soul.”

Steven Magee

Water is Life

Life is from water and water is life. Nothing if not water. We can’t thank our creator enough for gifting us this blessing of water. Almost 3/4th of the earth’s surface is water and so is the composition of the human body. Dehydration can be damaging to both the mind and body. Beat dehydration with a glass of water when you leave the bed in the morning. 

Apart from drinking water is medicine to feel a freshness. Just splash a handful of water on your face immediately after leaving the bed. Repeat it 3-4 times and you will have a feeling of freshness. The tiredness vanishes away. It is like a half bath.


Don’t miss it ever. Breakfast is fuel for the day. It will help to shake the sleepy cells of the body and facilitate them to boost up for the rest of the day. Go for cereals, a protein-rich diet that can assist in fatigue fighting. Do I need to remind you that caffeine should not be on the list? Another point to ponder is that breakfast means breakfast, not the full heavy meal in the name of breakfast. 

Avoid sugar

Sugar is not good for health and accessive use of sugar means inviting diabetes and other diseases. Sugar is everywhere in all types of foods. Fruits and vegetables meet the level of sugar your body needs in a routine. Avoid taking direct sugar, bakery items, and sweets. Life is best without all that we can avoid and still live.

Pay attention to nutrition labels to see how much sugar you’re getting at breakfast — and cut back wherever possible. Keep whole foods like apples, carrots, and oranges on hand for easy access.

Less Caffeine

Caffeine-filled huge mugs of tea and coffee are the lifeline of 90% of people. We all love it with a pinch of cardamom. Let a healthy smoothie drink replace the spiral smoky caffeine buckets. Note that caffeine can only be fine if taken in balanced doses. Refresh your morning with fruits, juices, and yogurt. Avoid spoiling it with a cup of strong coffee. 

Yoga Because YOLO

Stretching the body in the morning is an opener for slouched parts. Running, jogging, yoga, and aerobics can help fight morning fatigue as there is no substitute for sweating to gear up the body. You only live once, and that one is incomplete without yoga. Sweating a bit, followed by the shower, is a sure way to refresh and energize your body and soul.

Happy Sleep

If it is hard for anyone to sleep well at night, it can affect waking up the next day. There are a few things that you can do to put yourself to sleep like a baby. Scents, light, environment, hygiene, and least exposure to screen time before bed, can help you sleep with comfort so you may wake up healthy the next morning. Try the following tips if feeling difficulty in early sleep. 

  1. Set your time to sleep between 7-9 pm in any case.
  2. Keep the room cozy on zero bulb light and put off the television and all other sources of noise.
  3. Go to bed when the body needs rest. Never put it on wait.
  4. Fix the sleep and wake-up time to follow the ritual persistently.
  5. Keep yourself relaxed by doing what pleases you.
  6. Avoid exercises and physical stimulant activities immediately before bedtime.


An alarm is nice to announce that another deep sleep night is over. But it could be a better option if sunlight from the window can peep to tell the arrival of another beautiful morning. Spending some time in a lighter shade of morning sunlight can be a big blessing for the body and soul if you can develop and stick to the habit. 

Try the tips, and you will discover a brand new “YOU” within a day. Need not wait so long a time, start it now, and stick. Be not ashamed of getting addicted to healthy habits. Tell and train your mind that your body is waiting for the favor. Get it out from the “fever” of fatigue and lethargicness.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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