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Upgradation and home improvement are not a luxury but a need of time. It is a tricky, time taking worrisome matter to take hand upon. Home improvement is an art in itself. Redefining your exterior, to redesigning interior needs, time, money, taste, and aesthetic sense above all.

A tiny thing like selecting a satin bed sheet has many questions about, color. plain or stripes? stripe sizes even, the price at prime. For your ease of choice, a suggestion list for the home renovation is here whether you opt to buy a new one or consider renovating the same sweet old paradise of your very own dreams.

List your Needs / Choices

To save time and cost, it is imperative for the family to sit at the dining table a little more after your happy nourishing dinner, just in the style of an office meeting, with everybody having paper and pencil to write down his/her needs in bed, bath, kitchen and every nook and corner of his/her interest. Compiling it out is now a final list in hand to catch up on your budget, set priorities, and start with it, the very next morning even if you have missed sleep last night.


Paint, plants, and facade are points of your consideration. A weather shield type of paint at a moderate cost will work fine. How costly the selection you make is not going to work for a longer time. The choice of color can help in longing life as well as a show of your artistic sense. Plants in the same way, not so costly but easy to care for, and all-weather type of stuff is ok.


It is an intricate exercise to accomplish, Bed, bath, Drawing, TV Lounge, Kitchen, and whatnot, are waiting for your time, taste, and money to put on a hard test. Again not so costly but a bit unique articles needed to be selected. A lot of wandering at clearing sales, art/auction shops, and wholesale outlets hang around.


Fancy tile flooring is easy to clean, gives a good shiny look, and is light on the pocket to select from a wide range of prices. Wooden flooring is superb for some areas as the place you need to put your treadmill and stuff to stiffen your muscles.


Convenience is the buzzword when you enter a kitchen. Fitted refrigerant, microwave oven, and hobs with trendy cabinets around with soundless sliding drawers surely will fetch a little more money but pay it back in ease of use and compactness around.


A little, artistic, colorfully painted ceiling, keeps your mood fresh even when you miss your sweet sleep. Does everybody have a different answer to why art is needed? You must have your own to satisfy your choice of selecting ceiling design and color schemes, different in each room can be my recommendation if you agree.

A little artwork on the walls

Walls are around to give you a sense of home if decorated with cute colors, and theme paintings are limited only to your imagination. Meaningful art wall painting adds value and provides an artistic ambiance.


You have to rely upon your artistic senses when selecting designs. Better to choose fittings that can support stuff called LED. After all, you have to pay electricity bills too.

If a big renovation is a requirement, roof insulation, installing solar panels, and upgrading the facade is fine to consider. Choosing satin & eggshell options is better first for the outside and the latter being a bit less glossy is best for the interior. 

Home improvement, decore, and setting all are part of your lifestyle. It tells about your taste and the way you lead life and set a standard to enjoy.

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