How to reduce the risk of asthma

How to reduce the risk of asthma is a critically important question for those who already carry the early symptoms of breathing issues. The word asthma has its origin in the Greek word meaning panting. It is an inflammatory lung condition causing it difficult to breathe smoothly. Asthma is a chronic condition blocking the airways to breathe. This blocking causes coughing and shortness of breath, which is a classic symptom of Asthma. The risk of Asthma however can be reduced by taking the following preventive steps.

There are few restrictions on your life with asthma, as long as you take care of yourself”.

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Allergy proof bedding

Wash your bedsheets and pillow covers in hot water (above 130F). This cleans out dust. Also, reduce excess moisture by using a dehumidifier.

Avoid Pets in Bed and on Sofas

Your lifestyle seems incomplete without patting the pet now and then, ok go ahead, everything is fine with it if you are not an asthma patient. You need to restrict yourself a bit if you have asthma as pets carry allergic stuff to trigger asthma.

Carpets & Stuffed Toys

You like the fluffy feel beneath your feet in your indoors. The carpets, stuffed toys, and other articles in your bed and drawing rooms are storehouses for triggering asthma. You need to carefully clean it frequently but then most cleaning products do the same thing to cause allergies. Better to change the tile /wooden flooring.

Avoid going to smoking areas

Not being a smoker yourself is a good thing. Still, you need to avoid smoking areas in public places.

Reduce Stress

Strong emotions make you sensitive enough to become more receptive to asthma. Staying relaxed is what will keep you cool.

Air Quality

Pollution plays havoc with asthma. Take extra care against severe weather conditions. Reduce your outdoor activities under such acute conditions.

Indoor Exercises

A regular workout is a must even if you are an asthma patient. Take up the workout plan in consultation with your doctor which is normally suggested to be an indoor activity.

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Seasonal allergies

Allergies are the pumping station for asthma, especially pollen allergy. Strictly adhere to your doctor’s advice for care & cure.

Taking all the above preventive measures you need to remain alert to spread the word among your relations, colleagues, friends, and people all around you so that they should know what to do to reduce your risks when in your company.  

Also, you need to keep with you all the important medicines, inhalers, and a handful of clean tissues to address any emergency. Must have a ready reference, and the contact information of your doctor to call in case of an emergency.

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