Checklist for Your Next Visit to the Dentist

Visiting the dentist is a horrible task for many of us. We take every reason as a plea to avoid visiting a dentist till the last moment. Avoidance resolves no issue but can surely aggravate it as much as we ignore it. Fear is the product of the unknown. We can overcome it by knowing things in more detail. The same is true with visiting a dentist. The ordeal can reduce to just a normal thing if prepare a proper checklist for our next visit to the dentist.

I was never afraid of anything in the world except the dentist

Taylor Caldwell

Believe me, Taylor Caldwell is not alone but leading a long queue. I am perhaps there just behind him. Where are you? Somewhere in the queue for sure. The question is why are we afraid of visiting a dentist? No formula reasons to list but everybody has a unique set of “upsets”. Some are fearing dentist tools, some from past experience, and others clearly know their teeth playing a revenge game for how those have been dealt with.

Anyway, whether you like it or not but the challenge is ahead to face. Why not then prepare gracefully?

Plan your schedule

Everybody is busy with daily routines and those are normally a chorus to allow spare time. Take a close look at your one-week routine ahead and carefully plan your options in accordance with possible appointment dates. This will help you adjust the appointment.

Make an appointment

Now is the time to call your dentist to make an appointment. Pat up yourself to get mentally and physically ready to face possibly worse even surgery if needed. This will relax your nerves.

Morning appointment if possible.

Make sure to get a morning appointment if possible. It is good for the following reasons.

  • Your teeth are fresh and clean, brush afresh if you are not in habit of brushing your teeth after breakfast.
  • You will have really low time to worry. You will be out of anxiety as soon as you lay on the dentist’s seat with an open mouth and owl’s eyes fixed on the spotlight.
  • You have much time to handle post check after effect if any. A night ahead can be a nightmare in case of severe pain if it starts.

Relieve stress

Have a little meditation before you move. Sit down on a reclining chair or on a sofa, close your eyes, and keep telling yourselves repeatedly that after all, it is not the WWII you are called for. It is just your friendly dentist you have been ‘showing” your teeth.  

Write down questions in mind

You surely have “definite” reasons behind planning this visit. Better to open the notes app on your smartphone and list every minor question in your mind worthy of asking your dentist. Depending upon your “fading memory” will undoubtedly cost you another visit. Take my word for a guarantee, friend.

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Grab your “dental utensil kit”

What is this? by the way. It is your bunch of things you must be needed there. The old prescriptions, a history file, an insurance card, if any) a repairable denture, or whatnot if you are a chronic source of income for your dentist.

Have a look again at your checklist once you are in waiting. Add a point if you have missed any.

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