It’s tech life, Buddy!

Gone are the days when we were kids, and we kept waking up the whole night wondering about the floating and sinking of heavier and lighter objects. Time flies, things have changed, and we, the kids of the Golden Era of the 60s, became youngsters stepping into the global village right from our teens. Do you wonder how kids nowadays are familiar with the usage of gadgets and the technicalities of almost all digital devices? It’s Tech Life, Buddy!

Ponder on the point, and the answer is, It’s tech life! Buddy. Besides mobiles, gaming, networking, and entertainment, technology rolled over every aspect of human life, like education, learning skills, managing health, traveling, dwelling, and doing business. Whosoever you are? Whatsoever you do, and wherever you are, It’s tech life, Buddy!

The Other Way Round

Undoubtedly, advancements come with packages. There are pros and cons, dos and don’t of every technology, device, and gadget. No denying the benefits the technology brings with it. It has a few disadvantages hooked along. Education is made fun of with interactive classrooms.

The wave adds the function of demonstrations of atoms, molecules, and electrons with 3D simulations. The human mind learns things more quickly when taught by visual elaboration. Why not mix bleach and vinegar are easy to understand through live video or artificial lab experiments.

Teaching by Technology

A leading non-profit organization named “Concord Consortium” develops free and open-source software for teachers based on the display of concepts from different subjects like engineering, mathematics, and science. The organization is developing software that includes a simulation to help students experience a virtual greenhouse and a simulation explaining the interaction of electrons and matter.

Unlike the text, reference books, and physical libraries, California Government is taking education to the next level. Online digital textbook wonders CourseSmart is providing such creators a launching pad.

Play to Learn

Epistemic games came up to fulfill the dreams of perfection in the relative field. Epistemic games allow students to solve real-world problems and challenges by assigning them various roles like graphic designers, engineers, retailers, journalists, and managers. In one game, you will act as a high-powered negotiator to settle a fabric container with textile exporters.

In the other game, you are an owner of a cab company that provides to handle the dispute between the rental parking and drivers. It helps players to enhance their professional skills, management traits, and business acumen. The physical classrooms will not upscale the skills like the gaming simulations. Innovative thinking is a gift of such games.

Changing Facets of Tech Life

Earning a livelihood is an effort where results are not definite. Becoming a doctor is among the dream profession today. Don’t be afraid of the day when robots will replace human nurses and doctors. You still be earning something somehow. Some other skill that day will pay a penny you deserve. Let the machines serve humans in a techno way. Stay informed and remain watchful about your health and self-care with the newly introduced technologies and applications available over the play store and the Web. Be brave to accept your fate because it is tech life, Buddy!

Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough

Artificial intelligence introduced drug analyzing software that classifies drugs according to their chemical composition and treatment. Many applications are there to manage an appointment and plan treatment. Apps work as kiosks and digital reception. No human workforce is needed to measure the height of patients or weigh them before a checkup. All instructions digitally pass through screens and speakers.

Apps analyze and categorize patients and put particular credentials on their records. The automatic systems collect fees, issue receipts, and capture and maintain patient data. System voice messages inform visitors to “comment on our services”, “come again” and say goodbye to outgoing visitors.

The apps and software are programmed to analyze data to enhance the functionalities of management software. The humans are relieved from maintaining physical records and the challenges of balancing account sheets.

Producing is Printing

3D-printed objects indicate the potential of technology in the future of medicine. The number of ways of printing 3D objects for drugs and healthcare tools is increasing. Printing of tissues with blood vessels, bones, and synthetic skin are some examples. Sounds like an imagination? It is not the end. 4D printing is next in line to cross the limits of human imagination. It’s tech life, Buddy!

High in the Sky

Have you heard about the flying cab? It has been launched in UAE. The maker of this flying cab is a Chinese drone maker named Ehang, aiming to replace the future of cabs. It is an astonishing breakthrough in transportation and logistics.

In Search of Speed

How strange to break the standard you set only a short while ago! Japanese train did the same. The magnetic levitation named Maglev underwent a test run near Mount Fuji. The train broke its speed record by hitting 374mph (603km per hour) against its previous speed record of 367mph (590km per hour). A bullet train? Super one. Sharp behind touching the speed of an actual bullet.

On the Other Side of the Horizon

Space shuttles and space crafts were nothing more than an amusement of fairy tales years ago. The fiction turned into fact when the first astronaut landed on the surface of the Moon. The space shuttle made that possible. Researchers will collect data from over 1000 sensors after a successful spacecraft flight. It will open the doors to knock on the planets away from Mars.

Humans are ONE Nation

We are going through an uncertain time the human race has never crossed. Strange things happen every day, but the most bizarre things wait to unfold every coming day. Getting ready to bear a new shock will not turn you shockproof but will help to face it with grace.

Thanks to the virtue or the curse of the tech revolution, the global village is sharply converting into ONE world at a fast pace. Whether you like it or not, there is no choice or refuge. Consume it or be consumed by it. There is no other choice because It’s tech life! Buddy.

 Image by Prince C from Pixabay

  • uhayat
  • The author has rich management exposure in banking, textiles, and teaching in business administration.