New Year – Make the Year 2023 More Meaningful

New year, new us. An entire array of opportunities is waiting ahead. I pledge to make this year better with a few self-commitments. Do you? Unless you people have better plans for a firework at NYC Square. Though, it’s never too late to start. Soon after you people take your mind off the celebration, the new year demands serious goal fulfillment. 

Blindsided by people, dropped by a career opportunity, lacking emotional stability? Time to leave all behind and start with a clean slate. Toss to a fresh start. Rediscover and rebrand a new version of you to combat the updates of the next 365 days in a row. 

Emotion Equation

Many of us are bringing regrets and grudges along in 2023 owing to the impulsive decisions of the last year. We don’t know our capability unless tested to a threshold. Emotions, moods, and feelings are essential for the right state of mind. There is no normalcy without them. 

The emotions sometimes outweigh logic and sanity, resulting in irreparable damage followed by lifelong regrets. Therefore, it’s vital to learn to control our emotions. So they don’t take a toll on mental wellness and psychological balance. The simplest way to accept every emotion is to feel it and let it go timely, not to bottle you up. Wisely control your sentiments. They will take a toll otherwise. 

No More Potato Couch

Humans come in all shapes and colors, sizes, and tempers. There’s no shame about it. The tough spot arrives when we stop taking our time to carry out. All we have to do is take an hour or a half to break a sweat and help our bodies stay in shape and healthy. I cannot emphasize enough these 8 magical letters – EXERCISE! Any game that thrills you or just a random walk can keep the body on track. Any activity that activates you physically is your way to go. 

Let the Grudge Go

It’s the year to save the London Bridge, bridge the unbridged, but dynamite the grudge bridge to fall. Gratitude is an essential building block to bridge humans together. I wonder how many of you don’t realize that grudge turns to hatred to soar the relations. Don’t practice it at home or anywhere among your loved ones. You alone can rescue yourself from the feelings of revenge, regret, and grudge. Open your heart, forget, and forgive. Be happy and be nice to others. It is never too late to proceed. 

P.S: Open heart surgeries are done under anesthesia.

Travel and Twirl

Starting a chilled happy day with a baguette at Boulangerie Leroy Monti or grabbing a quick cheese pull sandwich at JFK airport’s downtown market, all define happiness. Is it not the right time to leave a dull routine aside to take a leap and start a trip around your favorite destination? What else are we all saving for if not invest it in our joy?

The 2022 takeaway for me is to invest in experiences rather than material stuff. Spend an evening riding in a one-horse open sleigh at Santa Village or just sitting back at a hilltop to witness northern lights. My favorite is to indulge in vacation at the Oberoi hotel in Udaipur. Comment your favorite destination in the box below to tempt me to add it to my bucket list. 

Meditation Magic

A fun fact about meditation is that once you start it, you regret living without it so far. Meditation not only fixes emotional and physical well-being, but the soul is on top of it. It has many styles, but for me, the best one is silent meditation. Sitting in a quiet place, lighting agarwood essence candles, and peacefully going through the process will set things straight. 

Dress to Impress

Tell you all what? Whatever your heart and mind are going through, don’t let it reflect on your outfit. Dress as best as you can and look the world in the eyes. Most people will judge you on your dressing sense. It not only builds a fine impression on others but helps boost your confidence, too. 

People usually misunderstand dressing well with dressing expensively. It’s a myth. You need not dump a pile of bucks in your wardrobe, but learn what suits you. Playing with colors, mixing and matching the styles will blend into luxury couture for everyday wear. It will improve aesthetic sense, making all your clothing pieces a cabinet gem. 

Your lifestyle doesn’t have to be pricey, but you. Fake it till you make it. Enticing, elegant, and elite. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise about the way you carry your attire. Make a myth of yours when writing a New Year’s Resolution this time.

Eat Neat

Health is wealth. We cannot disagree with the benefits it brings along. Logically, this has to be the top New Year resolution of 2023. It is a bitter truth that we hardly get organic food but packaged and canned stuff. Stay away from processed and junk food. Set portions of your plate. Define a meal plan as per your body’s needs. A nutritionist can do the job for you. Replace the Fritos and Sheet Cake bungee eating with munching the nuts and sipping water. Staying hydrated and fit on proteins is what your body always needs. 

Meet and Grow

Your network is your net worth, and it always came in handy to me. You don’t have to be in the stardom of loads of people but surround yourself with the ones who are helpful towards your growth. For introverts or extroverts, a support system is necessary. Eliminate toxic and stagnant people. Filter out the ones giving you red flags, and look out for the ones making efforts to stick along. Your New Year resolution provides a chance to filter out the toxic things and of course the people too!

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Urza Omar
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