Google Workspace – G Suite Gets a New Brand Name

The G Suite productivity punch (Gmail, Chat, and Meet) needs no introduction. The set of tools is popular with computer users. Gmail is the most popular web-based email service among all other G Suite tools, used by everyone familiar with computers and smartphones. The product carries a new brand name Google Workspace. The features enhancement has an extended focus on remote working. Google has planned the brand shift before the Pandemic. The outbreak, however, caused an emergency to address remote working needs and early completion of the project. 

Product Features

  • The Workspace has a feature to develop new documents in chat without switching between tabs. 
  • Making a conference video call in the same window is also possible now. 
  • Users can now preview links within documents by pointing the mouse to the linked text.
  • Only paying business customers can access the latest features, which can later be available to other consumers.

Why Rebranding?

“The work isn’t taking place in a physical space called an office anymore” as explained by Mr. Javier Soltero, Vice President and General Manager of Google Workspace. He also emphasized that the workspace brings together all tools. The latest rebrand helps the users to connect better with Google, and the word workspace is more comprehensive to describe the product. The name will serve as a more attractive phrase to mention the present and future components of the program. The transition from G Suite to Workspace is targeted to build and run organizations, governments, financial institutions, any size of the business, for enabling them to support a work environment where physical presence will no more be a need. 

The Competitors

Google has all the intention to attract more customers to buy their enterprise version. The market of such cloud user customers already exists in the form of other cloud operators such as Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. Google claimed in March that more than 6 million companies are using its Workspace tools as compared to the earlier brand title of G Suite. More than 2.6 billion users use the tools in sectors like Enterprise, Finance, Education, and many other segments. The figure for paying customers among this number is still needed to be revealed by the company.

A fine example is when in 2006, Google changed its name of “Google Apps for your Domain” to ‘’ For your domain’’ only. Recently Google changes its tool suite under the umbrella of G suite. 

User Options

For effective rebranding, Google is offering multiple tiers to entertain different business levels. Starting from the bottom tier named the business starter, that’s designed for companies having less than or equal to 300 employees. Price of corporate email is $6 per user in this package. To access premium security filters, advanced management controls, and more administration controls, one can go for the top tier. Its seen that Google keep evolving their marketing strategies, and that explains its history of tool rebranding well. 

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

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