SEVEN days without sugar

Food is a fundamental need to meet but feeding junk to your taste buds is a blow to your overall health. The “tastiest” foods are often harmful to health. We do not live to eat but eat to live. A balanced diet is an answer to many of your food habits if you are serious about leading a healthy, happy, active, and purposeful life. Excessive use of saturated fats and cholesterol is extremely harmful to human health. Sugar being a fatal saturated carbohydrate plays havoc on our health if not kept in check. Let’s see how sugar can be checked in our daily intakes to achieve seven days without a sugar target.

Say No to Sugar

The first and foremost step is to say goodbye to all items with added sugar. You have to train your taste buds first, which is difficult but not impossible. Resist, avoid, and ultimately you will end up dealing with a sweet tooth. Reduce the share of fats and high-carb foods in your daily routine. It is a natural way to help control obesity, sugar, high blood pressure, and many other related diseases. Changing eating habits is not an easy job. It takes time, a very strong level of self-determination, and a menu that creates a balance between your eating habits and nutrition requirements. Sticking to a healthy diet is a precious habit to fall in love with. You can sometimes indulge your taste buds as a treat, but it must remain a treat, not a break from your new routine.

Types of added sugar products

Soda, energy, Fruit & corroborated drinks 49.7%

Grain-based desserts 12.9%

Dairy desserts 6.5%

Candy 6.1%

Sugar syrups, Toppings, Honey 5.4%

Cold cereals 3.8 Yeast bread 2.1%

All other foods 13.5%

Every task is difficult, but changing eating habits is the most difficult. Maintaining continuity is a challenge many fail to meet. A healthy diet helps you lose excess weight and stay in shape. Don’t skip your workout. Exercise regularly, whether you like running, swimming, yoga, cycling, or any other activity you enjoy. Maintain that diet while following the diet recommendations. You can always switch items according to your taste preference as long as they are healthy.

Day 1

Workout at the gym every afternoon, a handful of banana chips, and a few drops of honey in hot lemon tea are what we live with. Be quick to understand that sugar is everywhere. You name an edible, and sugar is present in it. Your chances of getting smart are limited. You can achieve your dream of having a slim, healthy figure by following a seven-day diet plan. Day one is your real test to make or break. If it works smoothly, you are now on the right track to face the fatigue of day 2.

Seven days without sugar

Day 2

Hurra! You got a good day. Today is your second step to achieving the goal. So the first difficulty has passed. Going shopping for safe food with spinach and kale, fresh zucchini, more spaghetti squash, a carton of egg whites, cheeses, soy milk, fresh fruits, and lots of proteins, like chicken & fish are must on the list. This is what you need to take to enjoy another day without sugar in your diet.

Seven days without sugar

Day 3

Start the day with scrambled egg whites with cheese, spinach, and mushrooms. Now the chicken in lunch with salad is prepared to your taste. Any veggie is the answer if you are still feeling short of quantity. Remember to add a chicken or fish-filled sandwich at dinner. Missing the sugar so hard? Add fruits to your diet but avoid taking anything that includes sugar.

Seven days without sugar

Day 4:

Your routine is set for 3 days now. Choices are limited and a mix of selections from the previous 3 days’ menu is your smart combination. The mixing is fixed! you know. Though limited, you still have a lot to satisfy your basic hunger needs. Oat cereal with grapes or avocado for breakfast. Your favorite fruits for supper. Garlic boiled rice with basic steamed meat or gravy will serve your appetite this day. Obviously without soft drinks and any of the deserts.

Seven days without sugar

Day 5

Take fried egg with a bran bread slice and a handful of grapes, skip the brunch if you are in a habit of it. The lunch must be lighter, a bread but suitably stuffed with salad and fruits. Choose simple, healthy biscuits with tea or coffee (with no sugar bar or dry milk). The lighter sweat-less dinner of seafood soup accompanied by garlic bread early at night is surely a treat for your body. not necessarily the taste buds.

Seven days without sugar

Day 6

Veg pancakes for breakfast and lentil broth for lunch followed by tea with berries or nuts for supper. Add spaghetti for dinner and a sugar almond bar for post-dinner craving. Remember that you are not on the course of dieting but on the way to a sweatless life. Satisfy your appetite with a suitable diet while resisting your hunger for sweat.

Seven days without sugar

Day 7

Start your day with fried eggs with a banana pancake. Plain chicken and mushroom soup for lunch followed by fruits and green tea with nuts for supper. Add veg rice and ricotta cheese to dinner and end the 7-day routine with orange slices. The next week starts tomorrow. You can pick any day of last week to start a new week. Rotate your weekly menu to freshen the routine.

Seven days without sugar

Now you are again on point zero to start again the circle of seven days. These seven days are the savior of life if you can respect the menu. What actually life is? It is simply the circle of time brackets, hours, weeks, months, and years. Live a life of seven days and life will live you longer on.

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