Hair Care – The right Options

Looking at the mirror? feeling proud of your hairstyle? Just imagine for a moment a clean, bald shiny head reflecting the ceiling light in the right middle of it, if you are not a women folk. How’s that? Horrible for the lady folks, and the most unwanted for the men if not that much horrible. Female folks normally have no danger of baldness but still, they need hair care.

Women need to take care of their hair more than men. The hair is an icon of female beauty. Long shiny hair is a dream for any woman irrespective of culture and nationality. We share some tips on hair care for the benefit of both Male and female folks.

Hair – A Personality Icon

These are your hair that actually gives you a “personality”. But how much care do you show them? Women folks a little bit as compared to their face, dress, and shoes. The men? “Remain worried and do nothing”. You need to take some of your time to tame your “wild” hair if you really need to maintain an impressive gorgeous personality. Here we go with the care ‘n cure brief.

Caring, the Best Way!

  1. Oiling your hair at least twice a week is the best and easy to manage, to keep your hair healthy, growing longer, and keep shiny.
  2. A regular massage is another practice fetching at no cost but keeping the hair healthy at the root level. This can be done twice a week when applying oil. Coconut and almond oil are the other time-tested homegrown solutions.
  3. The daily shampoo is critically damaging your head skin causing dryness and making the hair frizzy. The twice-a-week shampoo is the best fit for fine hair.
  4. Never use shampoo without conditioner. The shampoo is to wash dust, sweat, etc. But cause dryness. Conditioner is to soothe the shampoo effect wiping out damaging chemicals and making the hair soft and shiny.
  5. Dry your hair gently. Take a little time even if you are short of time. After all, people see first the face, the hair is a cover letter of your live CV called the face.
  6. Avoid brushing wet hair. This is an easy way to say goodbye. Wait for a little to comb dry hair.
  7. Always use a wide toothbrush or comb. The narrow tooth of a brush can cause the breaking of hair.
  8. Carefully select a quality matching color close to the natural tone of your hair.

Curing the Healthy Way

There are a lot of homemade and generically medicated products for hair care, speedy growth, and health. You need to understand your hair first discussing it with your qualified beautician and doctor where you can better put your trust. Try the suggested products and stick to those showing no less than the best result.

Hair Volumizer

Egg, coconut, almond, yeast, and many other kitchen items are long known to trigger hair growth. There are many types of oil mix combinations, masks, etc. You need not worry to search all that as the recipe bundle can readily be found in grandma’s kitty. These days many Nanis are a click away at youtube waiting for you to click their bell button.

Becoming a Grandma Yourself!

The list of recipes, shampoos, conditioners, masks, and other homemade, herbal, and medicated products is endless. Surely each one has results too but there is no “one for all’ solution. You need to be a little choosy, make your selection, see the results, and stick to your chosen products. Don’t you think that sooner or later, another grandma is in the making? What a grandma is all about? without a kitty of “her own” to offer “ever unique” remedies to her siblings.

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