International Tea Day – May 21st

International Tea Day – a celebration of the world of tea! From its humble beginnings in the small villages of China and India, tea has become an international sensation. People from all walks of life enjoy it many times a day. On International Tea Day, we pay tribute to the cultural and historical heritage of this ancient beverage. The drink offers many joys from breakfast to dinner multiple times a day.

All of us start with the joy of a cup of steaming hot tea in the morning. The next is to sip in the afternoon. Not to miss a comforting cup of your choice of flavor before bed. Celebrating the World of Tea is a wonderful tradition. We can share it with friends and family all around the globe. Today is an opportunity to celebrate the world of tea and its remarkable history and culture.

Embedded in Life

From the first leaves picked in ancient China to the popular flavors we enjoy today, tea is an integral part of life around the globe. In honor of International Tea Day, let’s explore the many ways we can pay tribute to this beloved beverage. From indulging in tea-infused cuisine to hosting an afternoon tea party, there are countless ways to its sweet, aromatic legacy.

For those looking to go beyond the cup, educational tea tastings, tours of tea fields, and even virtual events are just some of the possibilities. So, on this special day, let’s take a moment to savor and appreciate the world of tea and all its wonderful offerings.

1. History of Tea

May 21st is a celebration of Internation Tea Day. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) leads the event and its observance worldwide. The resolution for this purpose was adopted on December 21, 2019. International Tea Day raises awareness of the rich historical background of this perhaps the most popular drink.

Today tea plays a vital role in the culture and economy of a large number of countries of the world. Celebrate International Tea Day and its long, varied history! Brewing tea dates back to 2737 BC in China and has since spread to Japan, India, Europe, and North America.

The earliest written record of tea is attributed to the Chinese emperor Shennong who drank medicinal tea. Over time, tea has evolved from a medicinal beverage to a beloved social drink. It is available to consume hot, cold, and in many flavors. Enjoy the world of tea on International Tea Day and explore its fascinating past.

2. Varieties of Tea

It’s International Tea Day, so let’s celebrate the amazing world of tea! From centuries-old rituals to modern varieties, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this humble beverage. Tea is grown and processed in many countries, from Japan’s green tea to India’s black tea.

It can be prepared and served in various ways, from traditional teapot-steeping to modern methods such as cold brewing or bubble tea. Whether hot or cold, tea has been an important part of cultures around the globe for centuries, and its rituals remain cherished to this day.

3. Health Effects

Tea is an amazing drink that can provide multiple benefits for consumers. To celebrate International Tea Day, let’s recognize the many health benefits of tea. Drinking tea is associated with a decrease in inflammation. It even lowers the risk of certain cancers and heart diseases due to its antioxidant properties.

Besides that, it’s also a great source of hydration and can even act as a mild stimulant. Whether you want to unwind, de-stress, or simply savor its delicious flavor, International Tea Day is a great way to learn more about the advantages of tea and enjoy this beloved beverage.

4. Preparing Tea

Tea aficionados, rejoice! International Tea Day is here and it’s time to celebrate the world of tea. From the delicate and nuanced flavors of white tea to the bold and spicy notes of chai – no matter your preference, there’s something for everyone. Crafting the perfect cup is an art – the secret to unlocking all the tea flavors lies in the brewing process.

Each tea has its own unique characteristics that vary depending on brewing time and temperature. To get the perfect cup, experiment with the ideal time and temperature for the type of tea you’re enjoying. It is there to nourish as a revitalizing green tea, a sweet herbal infusion, or a delicate oolong. Embark on the journey of discovering all the diverse tea flavors that make up the world of tea!

5. Celebrate the Tea Day

Celebrate International Tea Day and explore the world of tea! From China to India, Japan to Sri Lanka, tea is an integral part of cultures for centuries. Today, tea culture is evolving rapidly, offering many varieties and flavors, such as matcha and oolong.

Enjoy a hot cup of chai, or a cold glass of iced tea, or try tea-infused dishes passed down through generations. Create your own unique tea concoctions to share with friends! Embrace the complexity and diversity of tea culture and savor all the delicious flavors it brings.

6. Recipes & Ideas

Celebrate International Tea Day by exploring the diverse world of tea! From masala chai to Moroccan mint tea, take the opportunity to sip a comforting cup of your favorite flavor or get adventurous and try something new.

Add a twist to classic recipes, like a dash of rosewater or orange blossom to your chai, or go bold with an entirely new taste. Enjoy discovering the aromatic flavors of all types of tea!

7. Sources & Resources

Celebrating International Tea Day, it’s time to explore the many varieties of tea beyond the typical store-bought. Green tea, English breakfast, and more – all of which originate from the Camellia sinensis plant.

Discover the complex, unique flavors of tea such as herbal infusions and tisanes. Sources like The Tea Book by Sara Slavin, the Tea Masters Cup, and the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada offer valuable insight into tea varieties and culture.

In a Nutshell

Tea may have originated in China thousands of years ago, but today it is enjoyed all around the world, from a leisurely afternoon tea with friends to a comforting cup of chai during a stressful day.

So, join us in celebrating this special day, make yourself a cup of your favorite tea, and enjoy a moment of peace and gratitude for all the wonderful things that tea has brought into our lives. Cheers!

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