Perks of developing mobile app for business.

You are sleeping if not connected is how the vital importance of mobile can be termed today. The man’s journey from ape to the app is yet not the end of communication but just the way forward. What a business now needs the most, is an app to get in touch with customers. Like desktops, laptops are on the path of becoming rarity if not to go obsolete in the near future. Smartphones remain the ruling device in the communication sphere. That is just useless stuff without apps in it for use in any situation that can fit in your imagination.

Time is ripe to think on an app, the real face of your business to remain in the competition, keeping the customers in. The mobile application development in Singapore is already at a fast pace going side by side the contemporary tech trends.

Need to peep into the reasons why apps development is imperative and in high demand by the customers.

Facility at fingertips

An app is a front office of any business, a facility at fingertips. You need not make a call to the bank to get a statement, fund transfer, paying for purchases. Just some keystrokes and work have done. Need to check your BMI, blood pressure, etc, need not visit a clinic and pay a hefty fee. Download a free app and you are through.

Fast Pace Marketing

Marketing pumps lifeblood into the veins of a business. Putting add on google play, app downloads, iPhone platform, takes out your campaign globally all at much small expense than making it out in the traditional way.

Social Media Access

On the way, easy social media access work wonders with busy executives. The benefits are a manifold minimizing the cost of business and expanding the customer base with a rapid flow of revenue stream.

Globalize your brand

How many people were knowing even the supernational brands’ yesteryears? Now even a just launched brand can reach millions beyond boundaries. Developers then have all new multi revenue streams flowing in daily.

Boosting web site traffic

Apps are an easy channel to shoot up your web site traffic. Just think about developing apps closely related to your mainstream business and people rush in, to download. A lot of those users are sure to check at a glance what your web site is all about.

Improved Customer Tracking

Built-in features track customer visits, choices, interests and peak timings to spend on products you are offering. It can help you improve your production, marketing, and quality control, distributions plan to better fit to end-user needs.

Customer loyalty programs

The loyalty of customers can be improved by introducing features. This facilitates customers to remain attached to products/services where ease of access is a mantra.

A sure profit boost

In the last analysis, a business is for nothing but profit. An easy reach to customer pumps your sales. Your customer’s convenience pays a premium to your business.

New Revenue Channel

Your app is now a brand icon, attaching some feature to subscription, or launching some associated subscription-based apps, which are a new way to get revenue previously unknown and unimagined for.

Customer feedback

Today’s customers are smart enough to leave comments on each and every little noticeable issue. This fast, free even if furious sometimes feedback, is an asset for a business that can be used for improvements.

Faster information flow

Want to convey important information to customers, a little notice at the opening will work miracle. Customers remain updated as soon as they click the app at the next use.

Always in customer reach

Gone are the days to sit, staring at the door to wait for customers to come in. He is busy paying bills and shopping for kids just at the dinner table. How hefty is now your accounts and recovery departments??

Value addition to business

It adds value to your business getting more customers, more sales, more revenues, and an exponential increase in profits.

Digitizing Business

The whole business is digitized when an app is there. It provides seamless combination among all segments like procurement, production, marketing, distribution, customer satisfaction, accounts, and all that matter to your success among competitors.

Enhanced customer interaction

Depending upon the nature of your product or service app is the way your customers now interact with you. Making selection, buying, paying, commenting all is now a matter of few finger strokes, where a customer is champ player now.

Location does not matter

The most important point for a business was a location in the past. As better it could be as much costly it was. What now? Customers need not worry where you are, how prime is your location, how finely decorated is the premises. He is just concerned with the quality of a product or service he is buying. Just take the example of a service industry like banks, many of their customers are now least bothered to visit branches. Their needs are met much more easily, almost cost-free and without wasting a lot more time to reach branch offices.

Everyone’s need

It is not a bonus to your customer but a need for the day. A business needs it not to expand the customer base but to keep intact the existing one. The app is an entry door to your business. Shut it down and you send the customer away.

Play a leadership role 

The question now is not if you have it or not. The issue rather is how easy to use, how fast and how accurate it is to keep the customer’s morale high and loyalty intact. Providing an incentive to your customers to use an app is what can keep you a leader in your industry. More features, more options, more facilities, a highly improved interface, seamless ease of use are the keys to open flood gates of customers, revenues, profits and brand value itself.

Making it short the app is what a business is. The pace of mobile application development in Singapore is already meeting the challenges of customer demand. No considerable business or service is without its app, fulfilling the needs of its customers as much as it is demanded.

It is however not the end but a start. Moving ahead with the trend is fine and becoming the trendsetter is what keeps you ahead of others. Are you ready for this? Retiring remains the only option for those, who lack readiness.

Umar Hayat
  • Umar Hayat
  • The author has rich management exposure in banking, textile, and teaching in business administration.