Teething Troubles? Help Your Baby Fight Them Easy!

A newly born is the most delicate, harmless creature on earth until taking out teeth

Bringing out teeth is not a child’s play, it is but a child’s ordeal. The process usually starts between 6 months to one year. Sometimes there is a delay but in rare cases. Another unusual rarity is to have teeth at the time of birth. Though very rare it happens. The start of teething is a painful process. A calm quiet smiley soul can turn to be popcorn in the house.

It causes pressure on soft tissues. The sharp teeth bone peers through tender flesh. Now the baby needs special care. Knowing effective pain-reducing techniques than is a merit of good parenting. Some of these measures are discussed below.

Teething Symptoms

Once a baby starts biting, fussiness, uncomfortable, less sleeping, drooling, fever, rash, cold, diarrhea are all signs of teething. Get ready and you are now a self-appointed dental consultant.

1- Cooling & Pressure

A time tested household remedy to cool and relax gums is to pressurize. A frozen washcloth can be used for babies to chew. Wooden toys, a cold spoon, or a cool rubber toy can work best. It will control inflammation and reduce pain.

2- Improve Immunity

Fever and cold are signs of teething, making the baby uncomfortable. Both can be easily checked. A little soul needs immunity than drugs to fight. Keep on breastfeeding as the mother’s milking is the purest feed for baby. Start vitamin D under the supervision of a qualified physician.

3- Controlling Inflammation

No doubt inflammation causes pain which needs to be managed by low inflammation diet like refined sugar, flour, potatoes, fruits, veggies, egg and dairy, and other healthy fats. This will also reduce stress.

Keeping blood sugar stable results in reducing stress but need to manage carefully under expert advice only. This is possible through a balanced diet.

4- It is Play Time

Now it is the time to teach playing your child. Toys are best to keep him busy and divert attention towards good looking, softy, colorful and eye-catching objects which must be safe, clean, and non-toxic. Silicon and wooden tether and tether rings and some other beautiful toys can be useful.

5- Herbal Remedies.

Parents have been using herbal remedies since times unknown to help ease their baby’s teething pain and many other troubles. Only time tested remedies should be used.

6- Painkillers

In acute circumstances and under the expert advice of doctors alone, painkillers can be tried. The best-proven options are ibuprofen for reducing inflammation in your baby’s gums. Again some homeopathic and traditional herbs and medicines can bring the best results if used carefully, only the proven ones.

Crux of the discussion is that your baby is the most sensitive and week “lifebox” in your hands. Never try anything hard, harsh, harmful and even doubtful on that helpless creature.

Being touchy in some matters can assure best protection.

Urza Omar
  • Urza Omar
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