Corona Wise – A life shift

Would you please get rid of the bed and don’t forget to make up the blanket carefully, was ever the command of my mom in the morning. It was the last day of march and I was soaking those winter farewell moments in my soul. Much was around to welcome the start of summer in my part of the world. I recall all those rituals my family practiced to say goodbye to winter. It was the time just before the break of the corona pandemic.

Shuffling the cupboards, my dad asked us to sip the last drops of honey as the summer would be the season to avoid some sort of foodstuff, the honey being one of them. Servicing the ACs, buying new mosquito repellents, stocking the pantry with juices, and listing all favorite summer fruits in the grocery list. All that was festive. Little I knew I gonna miss a whole chain of these doable doings. Ever you imagined this chaos happening when you said Happy new year?

The Monster Knocks

Tables turned and the world is “witnessing” the unseen COVID-19, suddenly eating up all their routines and canceling plans which once meant life goals to them. For a moment, I felt that fear is spreading faster than the cause of fear. The bad thing about life is, it’s not Grey. So why not switch between black and white without taking this pandemic hard on our souls?

Is There A Brighter Side?

Dig deep into the whole situation. People die in accidents and we move on saying RIP (rest in peace), teenagers take their lives for the sake of those creepy bad grades and things end up with justice delayed is justice denied. Hospitals narrate a completely new story of human misery.

I am still sure that half of human factually die around 25 and keep waiting to bury when their body is dead. Were we ever alive like this before? At least not me, I can hardly name 5 people I know who took life much more seriously than ever before. Like the beautiful mushroom-like flower-looking surface of the corona, it certainly has other beauties in its after-effects. Let us get into it and explore it a bit.

Rewind Life

The robot routine of getting up in the morning to drag to your alter is called workplace, so you may earn the money to fill one mouth with all two hands. Waiting for the weekend, we forgot what our pets look like and what problems, our family is going through. Thanks to the curse called the corona, you are now free.

More than a lift-man moving to a fro horizontally. Invest this time in the things you love. Cook, bake, read, watch, exercise, and interact with the family who brought you to this age. Surprise your parents with your cooking skills, the dad who took you to the zoo, and the Mom who was the punching bag of your anger when nobody other could even bear you. The zoo is setting up 2plus2 for me.

That monkey can’t wait to take our view regarding the home arrest. I hope we all will believe in animal freedom from now. Go Green organizations are done with creating the buzz as plants got all of their rights almost. Never knew home-cooked food is yummy enough to serve you three meals? It turned out well than expected.

Social Distancing – Concerning Better

About socialization, I know you wanted a break from meeting a bunch of people daily because the nature of your work demands so. Isn’t your empire now, where no one can invade, not because they started caring about your privacy but because they themselves are dumped to their own, forcibly of course? What role do you play at family gatherings now? RIP gossip, hate, and backbiting.

A person that never shows up, saves time for creativity. The most adorable part of this shutdown is empathy. I scroll down all social media and I find trillion volunteers providing food to have-nots. The pride of my nation as well as of humanity in testing times now and always. You frowned and sulked over authorities not caring about the masses. Here they are, all eyes are watchful, and ears curious, worried, and concerned.

They can even provide you the protocol you objected to, just a call away if they just come to know that is “positive”.  Did you remember anyone caring about your “positivity” ever before? Isn’t the world integrating as ONE nation? Our hearts are flooding with positivity, let’s pray our cells never.

Take out a “To-do List”

We are looking down at the underprivileged countries. Hearts are being closely knitted as the communal differences surely gonna lose their impression a little. Our spiritual health is strengthened. Everything is temporary and it’s already too short to build up good deeds if you are at the age of the reading article.

Forces are the second person to count on after God. A round of applause to the soldiers, media, and doctors fighting out there. Earlier they were the first prey of criticism. Stay home so the suspects may stay alive. Revise your schedules, write up a new diet schedule, and stick to family chats. They are the only people to care when no one else could. Explore that particular hobby for which you picked an argument with parents when they talked about careers.

Don’t just believe in anything that your eyes read. You are in the process of your best version ever. Just a few more days and the world will never take that routine for guaranteed. If anyone of us won’t be a little upgraded after this end, I doubt we were ever alive to learn from the turmoil.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

  • uhayat
  • The author has rich management exposure in banking, textiles, and teaching in business administration.